Sunday, January 24, 2010

Old NOTD: Entity Dark Cinnamon

This was my NOTD a couple of days ago. It came out differently than I thought it would but I liked the effect anyway.

Entity Dark Cinnamon

It looks more like a chocolate brown with gold shimmer in the bottle but when you put it on the nail, you can see why it's called Dark Cinnamon. It's a red-leaning brown that has a lovely gold shimmer to it. A very deep and rich color; it somehow makes my nails look strong and tough. This was my first Entity polish too (purchased from TransDesign) and I was very pleased with the quality of the polish: it was opaque in two coats, easy to control, the small rounded brush was perfect for me and it dried very quickly with Diamont and stayed beautiful for a day without any tipwear (unusual for me). I really want to try more of this brand!

I heard back from CUNY yesterday and the abstract I submitted was rejected. :( I kind of expected it to be rejected but still, that totally sucks. I'm still going to New York though.

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gildedangel said...

That color is really lovely!

Anonymous said...

I love you gals out there, giving tips about good quality polishes.
Kiss and byebye; on my way to another web-site. *cough*

D:) said...

That is beautiful on you!!

The Glitterati said...

Fabu shade... I'd have named it Mahogany! I would like a desk or a bag or some shoes in that colour.

CUNY - jerks! At least this way your NY trip won't be ruined by silly things like talks or poster sessions. :D

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