Sunday, January 24, 2010

Winter Blues

Hey guys!

I haven't been around in ages. (Longer than ages!) LOL It's been a busy first semester as you can probably imagine and this one promises to be just as crazy. Things are spaced out a bit more this time around though so hopefully it won't send me over the edge.  :)

I thought I'd have a chance to blog over the break but I actually spent two weeks in the Caribbean so there wasn't a lot of blogging (or nail art) being done. I did take a couple pics of the nail polish/art I wore while down there (about 30 seconds before I destroyed them building a sand castle...) :)  so I'll be sure to post that soon!

In the meantime, here's a blue creme with silver flower concoction that I did last November.  (And please don't mind the awfully dry hands... Nail polish remover tends to make them look like crap.)

Base: China Glaze - Calypso Blue
Tips and Stamp: China Glaze - Awaken
Top Coat: Sally Hansen w/ Nylon in Nude (no. 95)
Konad plate: m36

Hope you guys had a lovely January! :)


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Paloma said...

How do you use the Konad plates?

D:) said...

Welcome back!

mKat said...

Thanks, D:) :)

Paloma, I thought it might be easiest if I shared a link with you...

Hope that answers your question!

gildedangel said...

That looks beautiful!

kittytokaren said...

mKat you have some serious skill! (also mega jealous of your caribbean vacay!!)

Kelly said...

That's super pretty! Like the silver tip. Two weeks in the Caribbean sounds like heaven, I spent a couple of days on Tobago and Barbados and it was bliss!

Tuli said...

This is such a beautiful many :-)

cidell said...

I love Claypso Blue. Thanks for reminding me of this color!

mKat said...

Hi everyone...

Thanks so much. :)

I'll be sharing some pics from the trip (if you guys don't mind) in later blogs. Partially as mani-inspirations and partially to rid the blog of winter-blahs. :)

But don't be jealous. It was actually a trip home. (And vacations with family are never vacations as I'm sure you all know.) :P

Kelly: I've never been to Barbados but I've been to Tobago several times. What did you do/where did you go?

paintedladyfingers said...

Beautiful! I love silver and blue together. The placement of the stamp is quite fetching. The funky french is a perfect addition. :)

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