Thursday, January 7, 2010

OPI Alice in Wonderland swatches and NOTD

I feel like I waited forever to get my OPI Alice in Wonderland minis from Beauty of a Site. It really tweaks me when people say something's for sale but they have yet to get it in stock. Feels like a cheap trick to get my money before some other retailer. :( 

Anyway, I finally got these when I got back from New York and took the first chance I could to swatch them. Unfortunately, that chance was around 4:30pm when the sun was setting so some of these photos look like they were taken in a sunset. Aww, how romantic! And orange. (I know I've had it a month now but I'm still trying to learn how to take optimal pictures with my new camera.)

OPI Off With Her Red
Your basic tomato red creme. This is two coats. Hi VNL. It looks like I'll need at least one or two more coats to cover that. I get why OPI hedges their bets and releases the same old boring reds over and over again with each collection but... they really are the same old boring reds sometimes. 

OPI Absolutely Alice 

Pictures absolutely do not show how fabulous, rich and glittery this polish is. It's a very saturated cobalt blue glitter interspersed with gold glitter. It took four coats for me to get it totally opaque and it was totally and utterly worth it. It does not look green at all... which it does here because of the sun. 

Close-up of Absolutely Alice

Video of Absolutely Alice

OPI Thanks So Muchness 
...and a failed attempt to play with white balance with my camera, although the color of the polish itself is not too off. It's a pretty basic thin red shimmer. Two coats. Needed a third or fourth. 

OPI Mad as a Hatter

I wore this one as an NOTD. Like Absolutely Alice, it took four coats to reach opacity but the wait was worth it. This is a wonderful multi-colored (and possibly multisized?) glitter with silver, blue, red, gold and purple glitter. It looks almost like a blackened glitter from some lights. Others, it looks silver. But most often, in the sun it looks like a light purple that's on FIRE! :D In the shade, however, it looks like a muted silverish purple. Really, it's a fascinating polish to stare at. 

Close up of Mad as a Hatter 

Video of Mad as a Hatter
Unlike Absolutely Alice, which twinkles in the light, this one is just straight up bright. I mean, there's some active twinkling in here but mostly it sears. :)

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Jessica said...

I think I need those 2 glitters. Yay! Thank you for the pretties!

Anonymous said...

You have such beautiful nails, but I'm totally unimpressed with this set from OPI. TWO reds? c'mon. And I don't really do glitter, though those are pretty so I can see why glitter fans are excited.

féline-alizarine said...

Hmm... Now your description made me think... Is AA a glitter version of Reflecting Pool?! I have RP and it's awesome beautiful and unique, and I have always loved the combination of a varm earthy color combined with blue, like in this case gold. Man, I'm glad it's on its way to me! <3

Brooke said...

I like Absolutely Alice A LOT. Wish the rest of the collection was as exciting :(
Thanks for sharing swatches!!

Anna said...

Oh I love the 2 glitters! NEED those! The red's though are kind of meh. In a collection with only 4 polishes you don't need 2 reds!

Tuli said...

The two red are not very interesting to my opinion but I LOVE the two glitters ! They look awesome on your beautiful nails !

Vanessa said...

Love the glitters, but find the reds boooooring ;)

MeganChair said...

Thanks for posting these! I ordered the reds for my mom since she's really into red polish (I've never seen her in anything but red since she started getting her nails done in 1988). It's nice to see the pictures while I wait for my Transdesign order to arrive.

gildedangel said...

Those glitters look so amazing!

Shayla said...

I must have Mad As A Hatter! Thanks for the swatches :)

Also...any more news/details about the blog banner contest that was mentioned in December?

Lucy said...

I'll definitely be buying the two glitters. The other two are like the same old thing. Thanks for swatching.

Jenna said...

Love the videos!

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