Friday, January 8, 2010

Sally Hansen Project Runway Canadian Exclusives

Special thanks to The Glitterati for buying the Sally Hansen Project Runway Canadian exclusive polishes for me and bringing them to Boston during the Psychonomics conference! (Yes, it took me this long to swatch and post these.) Hope to see you at CUNY in the spring! (Doesn't matter if I get in or not. It's a couple of blocks from my mother's apartment. Ticket's already booked and everything. So cheap if you do it early, yeesh.) 

Sally Hansen Valentino 

Love the color but as usual, dislike the (old) SH Salon formula. It's such a rich brown with gold (and maybe green?) shimmer: really stunning and sophisticated, IMO. If only the formula was more conducive to good application. IME, SH Salon polishes are too watery and are thus pretty hard to control. This one was no exception. Three coats. 

Close-up of Valentino

But look how pretty it is! I'm sure it's dupey to plenty of browns with gold shimmer but it's still pretty. 

Sally Hansen Project Runway

This is the attention-getter of the collection. Dark teal shimmer with big chunks of gold shimmer. I really like it but I thought it'd be prettier from other peoples' pictures. :( It's still a pretty unusual polish because of the chunky shimmer. This one was comparatively easy to handle, formula-wise: it was a bit thicker than the others. Two coats. 

Close-up of Project Runway

Sally Hansen Fashion Forward

Surprisingly pigmented for a comparatively watery polish. Opaque in two coats! Really gorgeous dark blue with purple and blue shimmer which makes it look bluer in the bottle but more purple on the nail. 

Close-up of Fashion Forward
Really gorgeous. I just wish it were a teeny bit brighter on the nail. In some lights, it just looked like a dark dark dark blue. 

Sally Hansen Burnt Sienna

Problem child of my bunch. Everything that I find wrong with SH Salon polishes: very watery, not pigmented, hard application and disappointing color. I was really looking forward to this golden burnt sienna with green and gold shimmer but the application was a nightmare: it was brushstrokey, took four coats (or rather, I tried to put on four coats because three was too thin and it pretty much mucked the mani up totally), and just overall yuck. 

Close-up of Burnt Sienna

I wish I could learn my lesson already: Sally Hansen polishes are generally not worth it to me. I am curious to try out the new Sally Hansen line but at $8 a pop for a drugstore brand that disappoints me on a regular basis... maybe if they were BOGO. 

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gildedangel said...

Project Runway looks beautiful!

amusedPolish said...

I love Fashion Forward. It looks great on your nails

Aurora's Nails said...

These are nice polishes, and they look really good on you!

Halifax said...

Oops, you didn't get Purple Heart? I don't normally like purple but had to get it. Sorry that the application wasn't pleasant

The Glitterati said...

Nice photos, madamoiselle! :) I wasn't moved to tears by these either, I ended up just getting Valentino and the berry one (pretty, but also kind of boring). I think Valentino is lovely, but still haven't worn it for some reason.

Have you tried the new SH Salons yet? I haven't seen/looked for them yet, is the formula any better?

(PS: I'm kind of retardedly excited for CUNY, if just to go to New York for free. Still waiting to see if the abstract got accepted though...)

mychau. said...

Fashion Forward looks great!

Lucy said...

I love those beautiful shades. I have a bunch of Sally Hansen's. All untried. Guess I better start trying instead of buying!

Steph said...

Oh that green, *dies*!!

flinty said...

Thanks all!

Glitterati: I haven't tried the new SH Salons yet... too expensive for a polish brand that I never have consistently good results from! (I'm also pretty excited for CUNY. Except having to stay with my mom. That's a lot less exciting.)

Halifax: I'm actually not a fan of purple so I skipped Purple Heart...

prettybottles said...

i read that you aren't really into sally hansen polishes because of the application.. i know what you mean, but i just bought an Xtreme Wear color called 'pacific blue', and it's one of the best applications i've had in a long time! it goes on perfectly opaque in 1 coat and is a really interesting blue, unlike any blue i've seen. it's like a cornflower blue crayon by crayola. highly suggested.

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