Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Quickie iPhone post: great international mail haul day!!

I am drowning with worry on getting my newest experiment up and running or else I would take real photos of my international mail haul, all of which took under two weeks to get to me! It's been such crap weather, I was convinced I wouldn't see any of this stuff until February...

These I ordered off of eBay, 50 fimo canes! (Definitely zoom in on these by clicking on the pic.)

So tiny and cute! Totally worth $5 (which includes shipping from Hong Kong).

I also ordered several of blogger NeverTooMuchGlitter's nail sets from her etsy store. I love her blog and though over the top nail art is not my style, I'm totally and utterly enthralled by her creations. I will have to file my nails down slightly to "fit" into these.

Are they not to die for? I also bought Japanese nail glue that enables me to reuse fake nails. Altogether, less than $30, shipped from Japan.

Finally, for you traditionalists out there, I got my very recent (last week) Ciaté order from the UK:

Vintage: dark grey creme with greenish undertones.
Lemon Sherbert: light yellow creme
Apple and Custard: slightly muted minty green creme

And back to work! I'm designing some memory tests and it's been ages since I've done research on working memory so it's pretty slow going...

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Vixxan said...

I just got these in the mail today (50 fimo canes) I don't have a clue what to do with them. I can't wait to see what you create with them.

gildedangel said...

Great haul!!!

Anonymous said...

Fab prices! Would love to see what you do with the fimo canes...love the silver glittery nails with the skull!!

Get Nailed said...

Can't wait to see what you do with the fimo canes! If possible, take tons of pictures. And maybe make a tutorial! Or a video!! Lol I'm just really interested in seeing these.

razberiswrl said...

Do you slice the fimo canes?? I don't like bumpy stuff on my nails, but I'm thinking a certain 6 year old little girl in my house would LOVE "crafting" with those, lol. $5 shipped is totally cheap.

Lucy said...

I was wondering what the texture is like with the fimo canes? I know you have to slice them thin. I just couldn't slice anything straight or very thin. They look interesting and will be sute to use on nails. I love Jen's work on Nevertoomuchglitter. She makes some amazing nails. She makes fantastic frankens also. Love those Ciate polishes. Especially the green.

Halifax said...

Yeah, I'm wondering how difficult it is to slice the fimo. Do they have pre-sliced ones? And which seller did you buy them from? Thanks

Ruthlessrocks said...

I LOVE nevertoomuchglitter's etsy nails! I've ordered a ton off of her :)

flinty said...

Vixxan: It's a little bit overwhelming. The first thing I did was to buy a tissue blade (like a fine razor blade) to cut them with... and then I started practicing slicing off thin slices with the canes I liked the least.

Gildedangel: I totally loved unwrapping these packages!

Mocha Mish Mash: I feel like I shouldn't have bought the skull one because I do have a skull Hot Topic fauxnad plate but it was just too awesome looking to pass up.

Get Nailed: LOL, I haven't really done a tutorial before. I'll try one for the fimo canes if I get good results. :)

razberiswrl: Yes, you slice the fimo canes. It does take a bit of practice to get them really thin so that they're not chunking up the nail.

Lucy: I'm such a huge fan of Jen's. I wish these nails fit me better (I'll post pics sometime in the next few weeks) but they're still awesome to have.

Halifax: They do have presliced ones but they are more expensive and you can't control the thickness. My worry would be that they would be more thick than I'd like. I bought them from seller donaldchencn.

Ruthlessrocks: Ooo, which ones did you get??

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