Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Some BYS swatches: Pouty Purple, Sunshine Yellow

I believe this is an Australian brand. I've seen it around the nail blogosphere and then ran across it on eBay... and then, magically, money flew out of my PayPal account. Funny how that happens.

BYS Pouty Purple

I'm torn on this polish. On one hand, it's pretty nifty: a shimmery blue-leaning purple with almost a ghostly light blue light that floats above the purple. On the other hand... unless you catch it at exactly the right angle, it just looks like a plain purple shimmer. And I'm not a big fan of purple shimmers.

BYS Sunshine Yellow

This was one of the less fun yellows I've had to deal with in awhile. Thick, gloopy, hard to apply. Streaky at coats one, two and three. The fourth coat almost took the other three off... I've got enough good yellow cremes now that one that gives me grief is barely going to be a favorite just because it's a favored color.

And then I got another BYS (and I don't know where it went), but it turned out to be an exact dupe for Nabi Big Green Ball. Looked the same, even smelled the same. I love Big Green Ball but it smells absolutely terrible. And the BYS had the exact same smell.

I've been doing a lot of research-type soul searching: what is it that I really want to study? There's the immediate beast: my second year project, which has a definite deadline of about five months from now. And then there's "what's going to interest and entertain me for the next four years... and more"? I have so many half-ideas and the attention-span of a five-year-old boy. The fun of cognitive psychology -- of any psychology, I guess -- is that the seeds of research ideas can come from just observing one's own mundane existence. Recently, I've been really amused by how my labmates and I "pass notes" via SMS during one of our classes. Yes, I'm ashamed to admit it because it's so disrespectful to the instructor (our advisor!!) but I I'm not sure our performance in the class suffers because all our SMS notes have to do with the class itself... but the comments are usually tangential and are generally humorous comments ON the class, rather than the class material. It's a class about conversation and my labmates and I amuse ourselves by conversing, at a hidden level, about the in-class conversation on academic topic of conversation.

What's caught my attention in this situation is the way we take turns in passing notes (turn-taking being a pretty significant aspect of conversation). Usually, with SMS, you wait for the buzz on your phone to check for a message because usually, you are not in the same room as someone sending you a text. Me and Labmate #1 sit diagonal to each other and are in full view of the other so I can see when he's looking at his hands... but not necessarily when he's typing on his phone. But I've started to use his looking at his hands as a cue to expect my phone to buzz. Once in awhile even, I'll have asked him a yes/no question in the SMS message and he'll wait until I'm looking at him to answer by nodding or shaking his head subtly. ...so, I think there's something that's sort of weird and interesting going on in that we're using two communicative mediums simultaneously, but I'm not sure why it's interesting or what questions I could ask that spring from it and I feel too impatient to try to figure out how to make it interesting to other people. So... half ideas and attention span of a five-year-old boy.

That and I don't know that I want to tell my advisor that we pass notes during class. That seems unwise.

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Indoor Kitty said...

Hey Flinty!

I love hearing about your research interests - my grad degree was way drier/less exciting than yours. (The joys of surface chemistry are much more muted).

Re term project, could you do something about how modern mediums of communicating do not entirely displace physical expressions, but maybe add on to them / reference back to them? I find it interesting how things like facebook, instead of developing a whole new form of communicating, keep trying to get back to physical forms - the poking, hugging, even winking with emoticons, is a throwback to actually physically interacting with the person. Maybe one day the two will merge in some sort of supermedia (Avatar?...). Things to think about.

Love your nails!

The Glitterati said...

That purple one looks like a 2nd cousing to RBL Scrangie in the first shot!

Hm... funny, your annecdote actually makes me think the Ed.Psy people would jump on it. That is, does pseudo-on-topic conversations like passing notes facilitate learning? It might, because you've created more retrieval cues for the material, and are just thinking about it more. I expect a study would come out with a somewhat boring result: full attention > pseudo-on-topic note passing > bored but no note passing > not-on-topic note passing. But the Ed people lap this stuff up, no? (Really, I have no idea.)

The turn-taking aspect is also interesting... personally (as someone who does not study this), I feel we are kind of awful at turn-taking during spoken conversation. With SMS/chat, we have a lot more time to process what the other is saying, and fewer chances to interrupt (though it's still possible, esp. on chat). At the very least, we are much less likely to miss what the other person is saying because we're too busy thinking about our own responses.

It'd be really neat to see how "good" conversationalists (e.g., those who are good at turn-taking) and "bad" conversationalists (e.g., those who miss turn-taking cues, or tend to dominate conversations excessively) handle SMS or chat-based conversations.

Re: letting your advisor know you pass notes... blame it on the undergrads you teach! :)

gildedangel said...

Great swatches, that yellow one catches my eye!

rijaH said...

Is there maybe a hint of metallic in the purple as well as shimmer?

Grace said...

This is unrelated to these polishes, but as a fourth year PhD student from another field, I feel compelled to tell you that it is extremely unwise to put your ideas out on the web at such an early stage. I used to think this kind of thing was unjustified paranoia... it is not. Again, I'm in another field, but I know that one of the worst things that can happen to a student in my line of study is for their thesis idea to get "scooped", and that the easiest way to prevent it from happening is to keep it to yourself (or share only with those you trust) until it is rought at the proposal stage.

On a lighter note, best of luck with your studies and keep up the fun swatches!

Anonymous said...

hmmm... Well you could always offer up the subject to your advisor as an observation you have made in "other" classes? Considering this class's particular theme, simply broach the idea of using this class as a test group. I would think that he/she would be interested in the many ways one converses especially in today's technological world.

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