Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Alrighty then... the second half of Volume 3. I liked these polishes a LOT more than I liked the first four that I swatched. They were better suited to my skintone and they applied a lot easier, despite the floppy brush that I already discussed in my previous STRANGEBEAUTIFUL post.

Army green. Or maybe a dusty moss green. Three coats, glossy green perfection. I just love this type of green. (I love most types of greens.) I have a lot of greens but I don't think I have a dupe for this one.

Arsenic grey. Slightly blue-leaning dark grey color. A two coater and very lovely. This one was super easy to apply.

Dusty teal. I think this is the one that looks dupish to American Apparel Hunter. This is slightly more blue and is dustier than Hunter. Three coats and a little harder to apply than the above two, but not by much.

Eggplant. This is what I wanted OPI Lincoln Park After Dark to be (both times I bought it, I was sorely disappointed). Something that was very dark but still obviously a color that doesn't appear black in lower light situations. I can't remember if this was two or three coats.

Hmm... I really loved these four and I only sort of liked the other four. I'm not sure these four make the total eight worth it but I'm definitely glad I bought these while on sale (even if they did still come to quite a lot). I hear from Jane, the owner of STRANGEBEAUTIFUL, that they will be coming out with another Volume in the near future! I'm curious to see what comes next...

In the meanwhile, I am a nervous wreck. Today, I'm running the first experiment of the year (...academic year, yes, I hang my head in SHAME). I've run many experiments before but I actually feel out of practice, especially when putting together working memory tasks; I haven't done working memory research in four, five years. I am not confident at all that I'm using the right measures, I'm not confident at all I'll get any non-null results. After my last experiment was one big null fail -- don't kill me for saying this but it was the first experiment I've done that yielded absolutely nothing -- I'm just terrified that it's going to happen again. I hate feeling like I've wasted my time... :(

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gildedangel said...

Great swatches!

Anonymous said...

Freat swatches! I really like the dusty teal colour. Mind you I like all polishes that are dusty :)

Anonymous said...

Arsenic Grey and Dusty Teal are gorgeous! Love those shades.
And your nails looks spectacular! :)

Rebecca said...

Dusty teal is beautiful.

SalvagedExpression said...

I love them all! Now tell me how much this set cost so I don't buy them.
Good luck with the experiment!

kittytokaren said...

I'm with kelly...i dig the dusty colours! i love all of these...and would probably wear them all nonstop (except army just not cool enough to pull it off)! Gorg!
<3 kittytokaren

aniploish said...

Thanks so much for posting these great swatches - solving the colormystery further. The green and the teal look like mine ('old' #3), and the eggplant too (though 'm not 100 sure). Your arsenic grey is really grey? No hint of dark dusty lilac/purple? Because I couldn't possibly call mine grey... Anyhoo, pigeons have grey/lilacy bellies, so that's within the description LOL.
btw I find this teal and hunter not close at all :D
Best of luck with yr experiment! You go Girl!

Arrianne said...

I definitely like these ones better.

flinty said...

Gildedangel, lacquermanic, Rebecca,: thanks!!

Kelly: I'm a huge fan of muted/dusty myself but it's a bit tiresome if an entire set is that way...

SalvagedExpression: Thanks for the well-wishes! This set cost me $55 because I got it on huge sale. It's usually $80. :(

Kittytokaren: green is awesome. You should try it sometime. ;)

aniploish: It's possible I was thinking of another SB polish that looked like Hunter. The arsenic grey does have a bit of blue in it but I wouldn't call it lilac or purple.

arrianne: me too. :)

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