Tuesday, February 9, 2010

China Glaze Up & Away, Part II of II

As promised, the second half of the China Glaze Up & Away collection.

First, a comparison between RBL Mismas and China Glaze Grape Pop.

RBL Mismas and China Glaze Grape Pop (from L to R: RBL, ChG, RBL, ChG)

RBL Mismas is, of course, Michelle Mismas' (of All Lacquered Up fame) creation for the RBL Blogger polish collection. I must have far too many polishes because I didn't think of these as really dupey at all. Granted, they are both vibrant purple cremes: Grape Pop is more blue-leaning while Mismas is more red-leaning. Application-wise, Mismas applied better and had a glossier finish (and I kept on getting cuticle drag with Grape Pop). Still, Grape Pop was about $3 and Mismas is about six times that much without being six times better. Two coats each.

China Glaze Peachy Keen
This was actually a bit neon-like against my skin: is there such thing as a neon pastel? Probably not. Two coats, a little more like salmon than peach, imo. (Mmm, salmon. Mmm, peach. I must be hungry...) This was an NOTD on the second day of wear. Unfortunately, chipped during Day 1. Oh well.

China Glaze Sugar High
This is slightly more towards a neon pink than the photo shows. Really gorgeous basic pink creme (and I don't really like pinks). It was one of the ones that applied the best for me: two coats, very smooth. Not as glossy a finish as some of the others but that's to be expected from colors that lean a bit neon.

China Glaze Flyin' High
Another polish that applied very well. This is a beautiful cyan creme. It's very bright against my skin and I think it'd make an awesome pedicure polish with pink polka dots. :)

China Glaze Four Leaf Clover

Right, not exactly the color of clover (and it's not as blue IRL either). I guess if shamrock green wanted to be a neon, it might look a bit like this. Another wonderful polish. This is a collection where I wanted the pastels to be much better in application and but I gotta say, the slightly more neon colors were a bit easier for me.

China Glaze Happy Go Lucky
I almost forgot to swatch this one! I'm not sure about this medium yellow: it's nice and pigmented but it was less-than-easy-breezy to control the application. I think the trick with this one is thin coats: three at most. The above shows two but I applied it a bit too thickly.

I'm so exhausted (as usual). I have to lead a discussion for a social psych class that I absolutely don't know what to do with -- it's so on different plane and planet from what I study -- and I get so unreasonably nervous before leading discussions. But tonight, my SO and I are going to his future advisor's house to celebrate Chinese New Year (early) with her family and her other graduate student. (I actually introduced my SO to his advisor after I took a class with her. It didn't take long to realize that their interests were a perfect match.) That should be fun for me and probably slightly anxiety-inducing for him. (Although I don't know why! He's made a delicious baklava and no one can be annoyed with someone who brings homemade baklava to a dinner.) Anyway, I have a long day ahead of me, mostly filled with reading and hopefully finishing my first questionnaire for my second-year project.

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Crystal Polish said...

Really nice swatches. I really enjoyed this collection from China Glaze. I did not really have formula/application issues with them though. I guess it is just different from person to person. I am glad that I did not purchase Mismas though. I am perfectly fine with having Grape Pop. haha

gildedangel said...

Those colors are lovely!

Arrianne said...

Most of these were thick and kinda crappy to apply. You are not the only one to note the difference between Mismas and Grape Pop. I noticed it almost right away. Guess I'm a little too in love with nail polis. =)

Kelly/PlaneBeauty said...

Great swatches! Really like the look of Grape Pop, such a gorgeous purple polish

kittytokaren said...

Thanks so much for posting the grape pop/mismas comp!! I love my Mismas but won't want to pay the huge $$$ for when I run out and can't find it anywhere. Grape Pop will hopefully be a little more available - its dupey enough for me!

Sandi said...

Homemade baklava! Anyone who does not fall on their knees in gratitude is just 'not our kind'! LOL. I hope it went well.

I wish that Sugar High had come out as pastel on me as it did on you, it was more than slightly neon on me. Oh well, that's why the polish gods invented layering. I needed some brights for spring since my tastes tend to run quite a bit darker these days. Hopefully a bit of sun will tone it down a bit on me.

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