Sunday, February 28, 2010

Illamasqua Contest - Design Your Own Polish

Hey guys!

Many of you are probably aware of this already so for you this will just be a reminder. Illamasqua has a great competition open right now for anyone around the globe who has ever wanted to design their own polish.

Yep! To all you frankeners out there who have made a colour you couldn't find anywhere or to those of you who wish your favourite polish was just a tiny bit of something else... this competition is for you!

Details in brief:
  • Describe in 50 words or less your "dream" polish and include a photograph to demonstrate what your colour might look like.
  • Single entry per person.  Entrants can email their submissions or include a link to their blog where they've showcased their polish ideas.
  • Contest closes March 14th 2010.
    The Prize?!

    Your polish will be created by Illamasqua and sold in the UK starting in October.  Plus, winners will receive a bottle of their polish before anyone else.  Awesome, right?

    For full contest details, check out the Illamasqua blog.

    [Edit: Photo credit belongs, obviously, to Illamasqua.] :)

    Like this? Click below to let us know!


    Delaynee said...

    That is the design that I am waiting to do - well, the one pictured that is! I just do not have the right yellow or purpley colour!

    mKat said...

    Try it with a different set of colours! :)

    Apriltini said...

    Great contest idea! I've been complaining for weeks that I can't find a particular color. Seems no one makes it, for some weird reason.

    SalvagedExpression said...

    The trouble is picking the idea that you think they'd be most likely to make!

    mKat said...

    haha... true enough, Salvaged.

    Apriltini: I've been thinking that myself (though I suspect in my case it's due to my limited polish exposure.)

    Arrianne said...

    I don't think I'm clever enough to even begin to describe in 50 words a color I would want. I can't even think of a color I'd want.

    mKat said...

    Well, a picture is worth 1000 words, right? You could describe it in one, plus a picture. :)

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