Monday, March 1, 2010

Color Club Rebel Debutante, Part III of III

It turns out I did have time to swatch the rest of the Rebel Deb collex this past weekend. :) Didn't do much work which makes me nutsy but at least I did get some me-time in.

First up, an NOTD that I didn't have a chance to take a photo of in daylight:

Color Club Uptown Girl
This is on the second or third day of wear with Sally Hanson Insta-Dri topcoat which I'm really enjoying lately. It's not as glossy as I usually like but it dries completely very quickly. Compared to other swatches I've seen, I feel like this comes out looking a lot more plummy on me than on others. It has been likened to Parlez-Vous OPI but PVOPI looked pretty bland and washed out on me whereas this shows up as a nice, if subdued, color. Two coats, should've used three in retrospect.

Color Club She's So Glam
This is my definition of a hot pink. Two coats, very glossy and pigmented and easy to apply but I'm not a huge fan of this color at all. I think I wore it out during my Barbie phase when I was five. (This was before I cut off most of my Barbie's wavy blond hair and colored it in black. My parents always took that action to be evidence of extreme anger in their little girl. I think I was just trying to make Barbie look like me. :P Also, who didn't love to play barbershop with their Barbies?)

Color Club Ms Socialite

I really loved how glossy this polish was and the ease of application was very gratifying but I never really enjoy this type of red-leaning purple. I look good in it (I have shirts and a dress in this color and folks always mention how pretty the color looks on me) but I don't like it much.

So now that I've swatched the entire collection (...weeks after the company sent it to me, sigh), I can finally say that, as a whole, I really like the collection. I think these cremes hang together very well and though there were several of colors I didn't really enjoy, they look good as a whole. Putting together the nearly neon green Rebel Debutante in the same collection as the terracotta Charity Ball is unintuitive but it works when you look at the other colors that are included. This collection reaffirms my belief that Color Club (or rather, Forsythe) polishes are truly one of the best buys in terms of nail polish: inexpensive but high quality polishes in a creative range of colors. However, while I love cremes, I've been out-creme'd (in addition to out-pastel'd) this season and cannot wait to see what kinds of shimmers, glitters or whatever else Color Club has in store next. :D

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gildedangel said...

Those are beautiful colors!

Lucy said...

The last two are lovely!

mKat said...

LOL It's kind of funny that you've been out-cremed. I'm really falling in love with cremes these days and sometimes I feel there's just too much shimmer and glitter on the market. I think cremes are really sophisticated looking. Ms Socialite looks great!

I just ordered my first Color Club polishes. (I'm branching out from China Glaze...LOL) If they're as good as you say, I'm going to love them.

flinty said...

@lucy and gildedangel: thanks!

@mKat: Yay! Which CCs did you get?

mKat said...

I just picked up some minis... so boring, I know... but I was feeling cheap and conservative so I grabbed the French mini pack from TransDesign. I suspect I will love them and be back for more...but at the moment I'm saving so I can pick up new storage for this growing obsession.

Arrianne said...

Haha, I remember when I chopped off all my barbie's hair, then moved onto my own and my sister's. The floor was covered in synthetic hair and some of ours as well.

I love She's Soooo Glam, and I'm no pink lover. I think it's the starkness? that makes me like it.

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