Sunday, February 7, 2010

Old NOTD: Omega Labs Golden Green (for real this time)

I posted this as an iNOTD sometime back and wanted to post real photos of it. Because the polish are totally worth it. Seriously, Omega Labs: my major dusty lemming.

Omega Labs Golden Green

Dense green, gold and silver glitter suspended in a forest green jelly. Life does not get better than this. Well, my life anyway. (My life sounds kind of sad when I put it like that. But I really like this polish.)

Close-up of Golden Green

Oh, and I found a video that I forgot to post with an original review:
Sally Hansen Turquoise Opal (over a dusty teal STRANGEBEAUTIFUL)
I think this is the coolest video ever. It REALLY shows off the duochrome! (You can see the photos of Turquoise Opal here.)

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Mariana said...

both of those polishes=AMAZING!!!
but where do you find Omega Labs nail polishes?

gildedangel said...


Get Nailed said...

Awesome color!! I love the base and the super glitter in it!

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