Wednesday, February 17, 2010

OPI Jade is the New Black and Meet Me on the Star Ferry

I was fairly underwhelmed by the OPI Hong Kong collection. Originally, I thought I wanted a bunch but when I started seeing swatches, it narrowed down to just two. I picked these two off of eBay since they were available there earlier than the major etailers. They cost a little more but I figured that if I loved them so much that I'd want the entire collection, I could just haul the rest at a lower price from one of the regular etailers.

OPI Meet Me on the Star Ferry

This plummy mauve shimmer is SO deceptive. It looks like it's going to be just a humdrum shimmer -- I've been sort of anti-shimmer lately -- but it's actually such an awesome polish. The color itself is rather staid but the finish is marvelous: it has either holo microshimmer or a ton of microshimmer in multiple colors. It twinkles so beautifully and looks more like foil than a shimmer when the light hits it. I definitely recommend this one. Two coats. I think this would be a nice work-appropriate shade for those who love interesting nail polish but cannot be too obvious about this love in more conservative settings.

Video of Meet Me on the Star Ferry
This video shows off the twinkling really nicely.

Close-up of Meet Me on the Star Ferry
See the multicolored shimmer?? :D

OPI Jade is the New Black

Dusty dark jade green. This actually does look like some of the darker green veins in some of the jade jewelry I've seen. Two coats, super glossy, very easy to apply. I love greens and really like this color but somehow, I'm not as wowed by it as a lot of other people. (That bump on my index finger is the leftovers of the teabag patch I made. I couldn't find my buffing block to get the rest of it off when I decided I NEEDED to do swatches.)

I did end up seeing the entire collection at the mall two weeks ago and, gotta say, not impressed with the rest of them. These will probably remain the only Hong Kong polishes in my stash.

This is an absolutely killer week for me. Everything I scheduled that I absolutely had to do... I managed to schedule for the SAME DAY. HOW did I do that?? But on the up side, my first-year project is just about wrapping up... finally. I hope. I probably jinxed myself right there. It's probably going to take forever and a day now.

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yardsticks 4 lunatics said...

The two I didn't get were Pandamonium Pink (already have many shades close to this) and Chop-Sticking (didn't like the overly-caramel look)....but the rest of them are very nice....

these look great with your skin tone!

Grace said...

I'm picking up Jade, Suzy Says Feng Shui and A Good Mandarin is Hard to Find. I'm pretty picky about my blues, so I don't have many of them, and I'm sure I don't have anything like Feng Shui, and I just love a bright red-orange for summer pedis and my bottle of OPI Cajun Shrimp is about a zillion years old, so I was looking for a replacement. I keep hearing raves about Star Ferry, but it's just not doing it for me. I think it's because the base color is just not deep/pigmented enough for my taste.

gildedangel said...

Those are both so gorgeous, I have been loving wearing Jade is the New Black!

jeaniebeanie said...

I love my green polishes but Jade is the New Black didn't wow me either. It seemed a bit too dark to be considered a jade green. I wish it was slightly lighter. It's still a shade that's different from other greens I have so I'm still glad I have it in my collection. The other one I got was Lucky Lucky Lavendar...more of a pinky lavendar, but I really like it and rocked it for Valentine's weekend. =)

Nora said...

Oh I love your choices, I picked up the same two today in an OPI shop and bought one orange kind (don't even know the name too tired to check) for blogging purposes, the rest no interest at all.

flinty said...

@yardsticks: thanks! btw, I like your blog! :)

@grace: Star Ferry was surprising. If you're looking for an ultra saturated color, it's not for you but it's a very... playful polish with the multicolored shimmer.

@gildedangel: I'm glad you're enjoying it!

@jeaniebeanie: I was tempted by Lucky Lucky Lavender... but I feel like I've been inundated with similar colors for the last two months! If the collex had come out earlier, I might've gotten it but right now... not so much...

@Nora: LOL, I love knowing exactly what you mean about buying polishes for blogging purposes. Sometimes... it's like, "Well, I know people will probably be curious to see it..." ;)

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