Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Midday retail therapy at Walgreens

I'm having a positively awful day where I just hatehatehate my body. I've gained a ton of weight... after losing a ton of weight. And I feel like crap about it. (And please don't assume that I'm not well-versed in body image issues.) I'm awaiting a therapy appointment now -- to deal with this sort of issue, incidentally. Because I was driving myself nutty with negative thoughts instead of doing work, I decided to go to my therapist's early and make a pre-therapeutic haul at Walgreens (which also has a great return policy for cosmetics: 30 days with receipt, no questions asked). Now I'm sitting waiting for my appointment, wishing for better light so my iPhone can yield better pics.

So, my Walgreens haul!

I went in for Sinful Mint Apple, which I found:

And I saw Sinful All About You. I grabbed that too; it's an interesting mix of gold and bronze glitter). Then I looked at the display with Sally Hansen Complete and spotted a minor lemming of mine: Yellow Kitty. Grabbed.

Decided it can't hurt to see what else was around. That was a mistake. Borghese Stellar Notte, Rimmel Steel Grey (why is a taupe shade called that?) and Black Diamond (which doesn't look like much in the photo but has really gorgeous oil-slick-like shimmer).

Then I saw SH Insta-Dri topcoat which has been getting a ton of love on NB. Sure, why not. Always need a good topcoat...

And finally, I found the 99 cent Wet n Wild, my third favorite cheap thrill brand. The one on the top is Wild Card. From left to right: Rain Check, Night Prowl, Blue Moon and Red Red.

I have a feeling I will be returning the more expensive ones (especially the SH Complete and the Rimmel) and the two lighter Wet n Wild shades. As usual, I was shocked at how expensive this haul was: drugstore polishes always add up so quickly.

...eep, time for my appointment. Then back to campus for research and class.

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gildedangel said...

Great haul!!

Concertina said...

All About You is a GREAT glitter polish. Fantastic haul! I love the new Sally Hansen's. I hate how expensive they are though. Commander in Chic was definitely worth it...not so sure about the other ones I picked up though.

mKat said...

Your haul is awesome. I am sorry to hear you are feeling badly about your body. Not that it is any help at a time like this but know that you aren't alone. It's good that you're being proactive and seeking help. That will go a long way.

Know too that you lost weight once - you can do it again.

The Glitterati said...

It is my dream to find Night Prowl! (Admittedly I haven't been searching very hard, but still.) The Sinful gold looks pretty neat too!

Sorry to hear you're having a rough time. :( I think it's great that you're taking steps to take care of yourself. Did the session help?

Crys said...

looooove retail therapy!

i know what you mean, 2 years ago i lost 12 kilo (24 pounds??) and 6 of them are back on my but...seriously frustrating, and what about all those bikinis in the stores and chocolate easter eggs in the other stores...its not fair, thank god nails won't get fat ;)
hope therapy works! (otherwise you have your polishes heehee)

Jackie S. said...

Keep the SH, but return the Rimmel..love the Borghese!

flinty said...

@gildedangel: thanks!

@Concertina: I have no idea why they are priced that way. Maybe because they know dopes like me will pay the money for them. Sigh.

@mKat: I don't even think the goal is to lose weight again; I'm just going to yoyo forever if I try that stunt. The goal is being okay with who I am. I used to be and somehow, I lost that. Uprooting myself for graduate school did not help one bit.

@Glitterati: the therapist told me that I "did good work". I've only heard that line from TV shrinks and it makes me suspicious.

@Crys: ...I know it's crazy but I think my fingers got fatter and I'm pretty pissy about that these days. But I think it's a general "my body is pissing me off". It's entirely possible I'm also PMSing... badly.

@Jackie: I already sort of regret the Rimmel. Oh well, I have therapy near this Walgreens next week at the same time. I can return it then. :)

Arrianne said...

Ohh, I just posted about Night Prowl, it's so pretty. Got it for a dolla too. Skipped out on Blue Moon, damn me.

It's funny how we go to psychiatrists, shrinks, therapists whatever you want to call it, for help with our problems, when they have their own. Also to be receiving advice on something they themselves have no idea how it feels.

flinty said...

@Arrianne: I've been to a veritable ton of mental health professionals and I gotta say, my favorite was one who was slightly tweaked herself: she was funny, cynical and had a fabulous (and uninhibited) bullshit detector. It was good times. The best thing for mental health, imo, is to be with other people who have similar issues: you don't get healthier faster but at least you aren't alone. ...and you can joke about really inappropriate things without people calling the psych ward on you.

Jenny$1983 said...

Heh, I love your comment directed at Arrianne and totally agree :D

I'm sorry to hear you have body image issues, I do too and it frankly rules my life and has done for the past, ooh, fifteen years. I can't imagine ever having a healthy, well-adjusted attitude about it. I hope your path to resolving the issues, back to finding what you lost, is smooth.

On a polish note, Sinful All About You will look amazing on your nails, I reckon :)

Arrianne said...

Too bad, I've only been to one and the intern that she has me see is a, well an insensitive asshole a lot of the time. I see one for depression though, not body issues.

Not sure how well two cynics would go together on my part though. =)

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