Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Haul: TransDesign, OC Nailart and Chez Delaney!

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 I love it when a plan comes together.

My shipments from TransDesign, OC Nailart and Chez Delaney showed up at my door within days of each other.  Even better is the fact that reading week starts today.  :)  That means (fingers crossed) time to play with some new colours and new nail art plates.

I'm a little slower than most of the ladies on here in that a) I don't rush out to buy new collections as soon as they arrive (at least, not typically, as far as polish is concerned) and b) because I wear a mani for about a week, I'm slow to change my colours.  Having said that, I do love having new options to choose from (even if my options are new only to me). :) Oh, and if you haven't already figured it out, I'm a China Glaze whore. (It's a rare day if you catch me wearing anything else!)

Here's what arrived this week.  If you guys have anything you'd like to see (colours, Konadicures etc.), feel free to throw some suggestions out.  Sometimes I feel less than creative so suggestions (as with improv acting) would help get the juices flowing. :)

Have an awesome day!


L-R: Light as Air, Harmony, Joy, Blue Island Iced Tea, Bahamian Escape, Poetic, Nova, Cleopatra, Ruby Pumps, Bad Kitty & Heli-Yum.

Also from TransDesign: 240ct assorted rhinestones & a mix (of my own choosing) of their Swarovski rhinestones

OC Nailart: Konad Plates m25 & m26

OC Nailart: Konad Plates m31 & m60
OC Nailart: Konad Plates m54 & m03

OC Nailart: Konad Plates m59 & m74

chez Delaney: Plates B118 & B119

chez Delaney: A02

chez Delaney: A06 

chez Delaney: A07

chez Delaney: A12

chez Delaney: A18

chez Delaney: A19 

chez Delaney: A20

chez Delaney: H22

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gildedangel said...

Oooo, great haul!

JustMe said...

great colours!

Anonymous said...

Lots of nice goodies...you're sure to have fun with all those nail plates!!

Jackie S. said...

Awesome Haul!

I was about to order from Transdesign last week, but was smacked int he face with an $18.00 shipping charge..is this normal? I decided not to order from there and place my order somewhere else.

mKat said...

I've only ordered from them twice. The first time I believe I paid $21 in shipping. And I got 14 polishes plus Essie's MAY (plus some other stuff like nail wipes and striping tape).

The $18 is for a flat rate box but you max out with the number of polishes you can get (I grabbed 11 plus a Seche Vite topcoat plus a bunch of rhinestones and couldn't add anything more to my cart without moving beyond the $18 threshold).

I went ahead with the flat rate box since it was less than I'd paid before and worked out to roughly the same amount per unit. A flat rate box makes no sense if you're placing a small order though. The first time I wanted to order stuff I remember writing to 8ty8 and they told me... find some friends to split with so we can buy 30 polishes at once. Pity - all my friends are non-polishwearing dudes. :P

I am still trying to understand TD's new flat rate system though. I was thinking of ordering a polish rack (which weighs a good 35lbs) and they were (apparently) going to ship that for $18 too... This made no sense since my polish order was under $4lbs. (Maybe some of the US ladies can shed some light on new? transportation restrictions in the States.)

Will let you know if I hear anything else.

lovemy3girls said...

Awesome haul!!!

PolishedSheep said...

Great haul! I'm looking forward to see the CG Harmony! 4 days ago I would have told you that I don't need such a color and suddenly I want it pretty badly ...

mKat said...

I will get on it. :)

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