Monday, February 15, 2010

Orly Foil FX swatches

Eep! Please excuse the unevenness of my nails in these photos. I took them right after I filed my nails down last week and didn't realize how weird they looked until I saw the pics! :(

Orly Luxe
I can't decide whether I think this is a warm or cool gold: there seems to be warm gold shimmer that's cooled off by the silver shimmer. I don't know if I rate this one super special but it is VERY bright. I used three coats on this one because I thought two was still a tad too sheer.

Orly Rage
This is probably my favorite color of the group though it looks the most clashy with my skin. I LOVE rose golds. Again, extremely bright. Two coats.

Orly Shine
I have to dig mine out to compare but this is probably going to replace FingerPaints Easel Come Easel Go as my favorite sparkling shimmer silver foil. Two coats.

Overall, small as this collection is, it is consistent and, imo, amazingly eyecatching. The formula is really great: it applies easily and two of the three gave me full coverage in two coats. I wouldn't necessarily classify these as metallics as much as I would ultra bright foils even though Orly meant them to be the poor woman's Minx. Minx they are not. Awesome molten metal in a bottle they are!

These were sent to me by Orly's PR firm. Which, apparently, is three minutes away from my mom's apartment and I think on the same street as one of my favorite Greek restaurants. Mmm, yummy octopus. Yummy horiatiki salad. Yummy everything, really.

The research survey (and giveaway) is not closed yet but I wanted to express my heartfelt gratitude at how many people took the time to help me with my work. I was amazed at the response and will definitely be doing more research/giveaway combos in the future. You guys are the greatest blog audience ever. Thank you SO MUCH. :)

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gildedangel said...

Those are beautiful!

mKat said...

I think the rose gold looks great on you! (Actually it might be my favourite of the bunch.) :)

Not surprisingly, it reminds me of MAC's rose gold pigment.

kittytokaren said...

I'm with mKat I think the rose gold is the best!! Im thinking of breaking my rule of staying within certain brands (not because im a total snob..just to limit my stash size) so I can get this one! I love the finish!!!

Momo Berry said...

oh god, these are so gorgeous!

mKat said...

lol kitty... I think we have the same rule. well, that and the fact that i love uniformity. :P

Jennifer said...

Those are gorgeous!! After seeing your swatches I'm convinced I need the rose gold and the silver.

kittytokaren said...

hahaha mKat I am soo the same way! I love things in tight, neat little rows! (hence my love of Essie bottles??) and I get annoyed when things are all the same...

Arrianne said...

These are beautiful.

Awww, glad to be of help for your research!

flinty said...

@gildedangel: thanks!

@mKat: I think you're right about the pigment. I really love that one too but it looks terrible on me as eyeshadow. Rosy shades make me look like I've been crying or that someone's just punched me.

@k2k: you know, I used to avoid Orly but then last fall's collection just pulled me in big time. Their formula works so well for me these days, it's a bit unsettling. (That and I think the bottles look ugly next to some other brands.)

@momoberry, thanks!

@jennifer: DEFINITELY the rose gold... and if you don't have a sparkling silver like that one yet, yes, get it! :)

@arrianne: thanks! Seriously, I'm so appreciative, you guys have no idea how much. :)

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