Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sad bottle pics: Cetuem and Color Club Rebel Debutante

I'm swamped with work today. So sad because I got this in the mail this morning!

Color Club Rebel Debutante

And this in the mail this afternoon!

Cetuem 214 and 163 (surprising because I only just ordered them from the UK about a week ago). I tried to take a couple of quick iPhone pics to show the pretty duochromeness of these polishes...

These will have to wait for the weekend, when I have the opportunity to swatch. :(

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kittytokaren said...

I think those are Chanel bottle dupes! haha!

Evil Angel said...

The Cetuem's are soooo pretty! Can't wait for swatches! hint hint

Arrianne said...

Those Cetuems looks good and I look forward to your take on the Color Club collection.

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