Wednesday, February 3, 2010

These are the Street Wears that I thought were going to be ugly: sheer, pearly, metallic, frost...

After the really light colors, these Street Wears were the I next most dreaded swatching. It turned out that I had reason to dread some of them... but there were some surprising beauties in this bunch!

Revlon Street Wear Steelo
It's not a bad silver metallic (according to the bottle, it's a "foil") considering that metallics only seemed to have gotten really good in recent years (like the China Glaze Khromes). It was the least watery of the metallics I've tried... but still flooded my cuticles several times. This is three coats.

Revlon Street Wear Raw
Probably should be a layering polish but I kind of like this sheer pearly purple grey duochrome without any base... This is three coats and was very easy to apply.

Street Wear Burnt

There's another Burnt but it's a dijon-colored creme. This one was a TOTAL shocker. I thought it was going to be another pearly sheer duochrome but it turned out to be this gorgeous dusty purplish green-grey. Opaque in two coats. I have no other color like it. :)

Revlon Street Wear Sky
Pearly sky blue. Streaky and not opaque, even though it's three coats.

Revlon Street Wear Shooting Star

Light grey shimmer base with red and silver microglitter. Actually, a very pretty and interesting color. Pretty easy to apply. Three coats.

...I have more of these for you tomorrow. :)

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jaljen said...

I have Raw and Burnt. They look very different on me. Raw is much more opaque - not fully but more coverage on 2 coats than you have on 3. Mind you, I always wear basecoat. And Burnt is much more camo-green on me.
I love them both! Very interesting to see how much polishes can differ.

Anonymous said...

Burnt is fab, and I think Raw would be great layered over black!

gildedangel said...

Those are beautiful colors!


I LOVE the Burnt color. I think I need one =D

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