Thursday, March 18, 2010

Better late than never: Orly Metal Chic NOTDs

I bought these awhile back from TransDesign -- and wore them over a month ago (they were all NOTDs) -- but kept on forgetting to post them! I liked these in terms of wear and application but I'm not sure they looked fantastic on me.

Orly Iron Butterfly

Matte black with silver shimmer. The shimmer looks silver here but it's actually looks more multi-hued than just straight up silver. This applied very smoothly, did not dry immediately (which makes for a more forgiving application when it comes to mattes) and did not chip at all for about two days with Dermalect basecoat and ridgefiller and no topcoat.

Orly Iron Butterfly with "David" Topcoat

I glossed it up with Supply Source "David" topcoat two days into wearing this mani (notice slight tipwear -- that's pretty good for me). It's actually a little dull glossy; I think I prefer the matte version.

Orly Solid Gold

Burnished gold matte with silver shimmer. This one dried quicker than Iron Butterfly and played a little less nicely with my nails, even though I used the same ridgefiller and basecoat that I did for the previous one. I really loved the effect on my nails but I thought this was a bit clashy-clashy with my skin.

Orly Solid Gold with David Topcoat

One day later, I glossed it up with David. (As you can see, no tipwear or chips.) The topcoat really brings out the warmth in this gold and the sparkle of the silver shimmer. This one I preferred with topcoat.

Orly Glam Rock

Saved my favorite for last. :) Reddish bronze matte with what looks like silver and gold shimmer. This just glowed with warmth and fire. Super pretty and also quick-drying but not annoyingly so.

Orly Glam Rock with David Topcoat

Doesn't it almost look like it's a duochrome? It's just such a changeable golden-bronze with red highlights when glossy topcoat is applied. This was one day into the manicure. Again, no tipwear, no chips.

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Lucy said...

Iron Butterfly looks NICE!

Heidi said...

I passed up on Glam Rock, and your photos are making me rethink that decision. It's such a dazzling color on you, and it does seem to have a slight duochrome effect. (face turning red)...I thought it was going to be a boring bronze color.

Anonymous said...

I really like Iron Butterfly but I passed this collection, I'm a bit over the mattes right now! I really like them on you!

mKat said...

I think Iron Butterfly looks awesome on you!

flinty said...


@Heidi: I was so surprised by Glam Rock. I thought it was going to be a boring bronze too. :)

@Katie: Yeah, the matte thing was really beaten to death. Repeatedly. But these aren't bad.

@mKat: thanks!!

gildedangel said...

Ooo, I love them with the topcoat!

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