Wednesday, March 17, 2010

For Kitty's viewing "pleasure"...

I am so embarrassed by this mani St. Pat's Hot Mess I wasn't going to post it. But Kitty asked... so here it is.

I tried to do this way too quickly so this was the result of too many layers of polish followed by too many layers of Seche Vite (don't ask). I think Tree Hugger might be the first ChG polish I have to complain about...but I'll give it a fair run at a later date.

Base colour: China Glaze - Tree Hugger
Stamp: China Glaze - Wagon Trail
Plate - Konad m25
Flakies - NfuOh 38
Topcoat: Seche Vite/Essie MAY


(School is wearing me out.)

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kittytokaren said...

whoa that is...a lot of stuff! (just reading through the list...whew!) I think the end effect posed with the leaf looks like a nail ad actually!!!! It doesn't seem totally 'you' though....whats up with tree hugger?? streaky???

I'm worn out too. :(

mKat said...

lol... i'd be interested to know why you don't think it's "me"... (though I am inclined to agree with that comment). :) Tree Hugger just wouldn't dry. It was pretty sheer on the first coat and even after the second I still had VNL. Normally if I plan to cover my nail line I don't bother with a third coat but this time (since I wasn't sure what I planned to do with it going in) I did a third... Three relatively thick coats was just a mess IMO. Top it off with Seche Vite and it was pulling away from the edge of my nails.

I think my other problem with Tree Hugger is it's just too bright a green for me. I guess I veer more toward jewel tones.

Oh well. Tomorrow I'll sit down and change it. I think I want to do a nice simple french or something.

I guess it's end of semester doldrums. (Is that even the word I'm looking for?!) I'm sorry to hear you have mono though... that's rough. You must be feeling more worn out than usual. *hug*

kittytokaren said...

You just described exactly why I think its not 'you'! You usually seem to do richer/jewel tones and not colours that aren't so yellow-toned or bright from what I've seen...(at least thats how I always imagine your that weird/creepy? maybe.)

I had that yearning for a simple French last week - I really liked it and will probably do it again soon actually. Kinda ruled.

Thanks for the hugs!! I could use some real ones, but hubs is so far away. :( Ugh mono is the worst! I'm like a freaking koala and want to sleep 20 hours a day. If I do a couple hours of work, I need a nap! This is not OK because I have a ton of work to do...It is not good times.

Niki* said...

i actually like this....and thats not a lot..i once f'd a mani half way through and ended up with like 13 layers on my nails :S

mKat said...

Well just do your best to get some rest. Health first...don't forget that! The work will get done...but you have to take care of you first.

I feel exactly as you describe but I don't have mono. I believe I've come down with lazy. :P (Either that or old age...) I've been complaining for the past semester it's the first time ever that I can't read all night.

Your french last week looked so pretty! It really suited you. I kinda miss my french manis... I wanted to hide my hands in class today. LOL

mKat said...

LOL Niki... I think your mani turned out well... :) What'd your husband think? 13 layers must have been frustrating to get off!

I put on too many layers of Seche in between to aid the drying process. (I only started using it recently and it's made manicures fun since I don't ruin them on my bed spread 4 hours after the fact.) However... there is the problem of too much of a good thing. :P

Mary Ann said...

I think it looks great .

kittytokaren said...

@Niki - I actually think that turned out really awesome!! Now I want to do a mani with Mad as a Hatter for the tips!!

@mKat - Hey we can bring the french back! Trendsetters alert! I feel like I'm getting old too. :( My boss thinks I'm lazy I'm pretty sure. He knows I have mono but I don't think he "gets" it. (He did catch me at work on Sunday, asleep at my desk. Now that's freaking dedication!)

mKat said...

@ Mary Ann - thank you. :)

@ kitty: Yes, we can! :)

Don't bother about your boss. Men don't get stuff. :P

Skulda said...

I like it. It matches the leaf. :P

Hyzenthlay said...

I like to use two coats of Tree Hugger underneath the light lime green holo from the OMG collection. Tree Hugger brightens up the OMG holo, and the OMG holo seems to conceal the imperfections in Tree Hugger :)

mKat said...

@Skulda: Thanks. :) (Not deliberate..but I do love my plants!)

@Hyzenthlay: Neat tip! Thank you!!

nihrida said...

Gorgeous mani! It rocks with your skintone. =)

Heidi said...

This kind of thing always seems to happen to me when I try to get it done quickly. There does seem to be a bit of a learning curve with SV.

IMO, the colors and pattern you chose look great together (and great on you). I know I've said this before, but you have such a good eye for design!

Piff said...


mKat said...

@nihrida: Thank you. :)

@Heidi: Yes, I am now learning that SV can be an enemy when it wants to be. Thanks for the compliments though! To be fair, I was surprised by how well it turned out in the pictures... (Of course the mani that I hate most would photograph well and the one I loved best - last week - wouldn't photograph properly.) :P

@Piff: I thought of you. :) I think this is as close to "neon" as I've ever done.

Arrianne said...

I don't think it's bad at all. I like it!

gildedangel said...

It looks awesome; I love it!

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