Tuesday, March 16, 2010

More American Apparel swatches

I finally got all my American Apparel nail polishes exchanged! And I finished swatching them! I really like these cremes. I hear that AA will actually be releasing new colors sometime (no idea when) but I can't wait to see what else they've got in store. :)

(Please excuse the dry cuticles! I don't know what was going on the day I was swatching these.)

American Apparel Mount Royal
Absolutely gorgeous cobalt blue. It actually leans a slight bit more purple than the photo shows. But this color is certainly a stunner. Two coats, very easy application. I wonder if they changed brushes for these polishes: I had problems with the last one (very long bristles) and they look the same but I feel like they retained less polish than the old ones. Or maybe I knew to be careful not to overload the brush this time around.

American Apparel Factory Grey
I love this cool grey that is just lightly tinged with blue. This is supposedly the colors of the American Apparel factory floors: nice floors! I don't know why: the polish looks sort of strange and washed out on me in IRL. But I love this color. Two coats.

American Apparel Dynasty
(Why is this called Dynasty?) This is one of those dusty mauve-taupe-looking colors that seem to be all over the place. It looks great in the photo but it also appears somewhat washed out on me IRL. Another two coater.

American Apparel Downtown LA

Va-va-va-voom! A perfect scarlet shade. This might show up as a bit deeper red on other people (closer to bottle color). I loved this red and I don't usually enjoy reds at all because I can never seem to rid myself of VNL with them. The above is three coats and it is scarlet perfection as far as I'm concerned. Also, it didn't leave me with lobster claws when I took it off. :)

Leaving for New York tomorrow. Going to be in the city from Thursday through Sunday and it looks like I'll be pretty busy. Seeing some of my oldest and closest friends. Hopefully meeting some new ones. Getting a Minx pedi. Maybe some shopping. And being intellectually stimulated at the conference. Or bored to death. Hard to tell. :)

But first... I have to write a 15-20 page paper in about 36 hours. Which is going to be interesting because I have no idea what it's supposed to say. I've tried to stop bullshitting... and it's really put a crimp in my style.

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Brooke said...

Loving Factory Grey! Very cool :)

Stephanie said...

I really love all of these on you. How utterly beautiful...

Good luck on your paper!

~Elizabeth aka Lacquered Lizard said...

Have a great time in NY! I envy you...not the conference part, but to get to NY, I'd deal. :)
American Apparel hasn't "grabbed" me yet, but I'd pay to see a pic of your stash!
I so enjoy reading your posts, good luck on the no B.S. part of paper writing!

mKat said...

I love Mount Royal. (What else is new?) :)

I wondered whether I was the only one who routinely had papers to do a few days before they were due...

Rhea said...

I have an important history exam 2mrw. but what am i doing? I'm on nail blogs, ha!

flinty said...

@Brooke: I think it's such a fantastic color. I wish I could wear it more easily.

@Stephanie: thank you!

@Lacquered Lizard: Thanks! Btw, your screenname always makes me LOL. ;) I'd be happy to post a pic of my AA stash. (Unless you were talking about my entire stash... it's a MESS.)

@mKat: I think that's what most grad students do, no?

@Rhea: good luck on your history exam!

mKat said...

Really, flinty? Everybody else seems way more organized than me. :P

Heidi said...

Downtown LA looks fabulous on you! I'm such a sucker for reds...

I'm curious about the wear on these; do they hold up well?

Have a great time in your spare time in NY, and I hope "intellectually stimulating" trumps "bored to death"!

PS: Any chance we'll get to see the Minx?

Jackie S. said...

I really like Mount Royal..very pretty and creamy!

gildedangel said...

Ooo, those are great colors!

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