Tuesday, March 9, 2010

$OPI Run With It!

I've been lusting after Sephora by OPI (lovingly called $OPI) - Run With It! for quite a while. Even though it's not one of the 'popular' polishes in the nail community, I've been lemming it. Every time I walk into a Sephora I turn a bottle around in my hands and looks at the strange shimmer/speckles. I stalk photos of it online. I've tried relentlessly swapping for it to no avail. I went to the mall with my BFF this weekend for some girl time and finally decided to bite the bullet and get it. $o glad I did! Here is Run With It!:

It is another one of those neutrals with an edge that I adore! Its a soft dove grey colour (which means a grey that leans brown instead of blue). This polish is subtly interesting - it has the most interesting finish to it. On one hand, it seems to have some speckles in it that are darker than the polish itself - these don't really shimmer but rather contribute to the overall colour. On the other hand, there is some distinct superfine gold microshimmer that you can only see in very direct sunlight.

The end result is a polish that I think is the perfect "grungy neutral with an edge" for spring - it is lighter than most of it's taupe-y cousins, giving it a really soft, sophisticated elegance. The finish of this polish makes it really special to me. The effect is subtle, but really cool, and makes this a one-of-a-kind polish.

I only own two other $OPI polishes - Metro Chic (love so much) and Don't Go There (really like this on my toes). The reason I only own a couple is because in general the line is:

a.) expen$ive
b.) similar formula to OPI in my opinion
c.) not especially unique colours
d.) the brush sucks.

How does Run With It! fare?

Well, I still think the price is inflated and the brush is still terrible. The $OPI brush is like the awkward, lanky, gangly teenager of polish brushes - it is really long, but the cap is quite wide, so it doesn't know how it wants to be applied. The brush itself is quite skinny (so flinty would probably like it with her bitty wittle nails...) but I have to say, if I'm going to pay over OPI prices for an OPI polish, I'd rather it come with the amazing ProWide brush. Even though it offends my sense of order, I'm seriously considering pouring this into an empty OPI bottle with a ProWide brush, because I know I'm going to be reaching for this one often! I also have a feeling it would apply just like my favourite OPIs if it was given the chance!

Run With It! does manage to be unique and special, and seeing as I absolutely love edgy neutrals - this makes it worth the money to me, and I'm really glad that I finally sprung for it! My BFF loved it too. (She was sporting Rimmel Steel Grey that day, btw :) so proud!) I really don't understand why this polish is named the way it is, but the bottom line is that if there was an emergency, I would take this polish and run with it - I really really love it!

Have you guys tried $OPI polishes? Thoughts on the colours/formula/brush??


P.S. BTW I've also received a ton of compliments on this one already!

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Claudia said...

I love run with it!
I have it, and have yet to do a full mani with it... who knows maybe this week!
At least swatching all the $OPIs I have! (that is possible!)

TipsToToes said...

Really? I like $OPI better than OPI, for me it has a better formula and I really like the brush on my nails

gildedangel said...

That is a lovely color! I haven't tried $OPI yet.

kittytokaren said...

@Claudia - I can't wait to see it on you! Also curious to see your $OPI collex ;)

@TipsToToes - You're not the first person I've met whose said that actually! Some people really love the brush - to each her own! :) I really do like the formula on this though - the wear is great just like my OPIs.

@gilded - I'd say for the more unique colours its worth a shot - Metro Chic and Run With It! for neutrals, and maybe 212 or Absinthe Makes the Heart is you're into glitteriness?

<3 kittytokaren

Catbird said...

I have been lemming this one too. It looks great on you. I like all the edgy neutrals you swatch. One of my favorite polishes ever is $OPI's Under My Trench Coat. It is very chic, and people always comment on how cool it is whenever I wear it. I am in agreement with you and greatly prefer the ProWide brush.

Anonymous said...

OMG, I love this. Despite of the shitty application, it goes right to my lemming. Thanks for swatch! ;)

Laura said...

I've tried two SOPIs (Ocean Love Potion and Metro Chic) and I really like both. I thought application was good, and they lasted long enough.
I prefer the ProWide brush as well, but I don't think the SOPI brushes are bad.

kittytokaren said...

@Catbird - Really?! I thought I was alone! :) And thanks...its nice to find another edgy neutral lover out there! Under my Trench Coat looks super pretty - that's another one I sort of play with every time I'm in Sephora. Go ProWide!

@laquermanic - The application isn't totally shitty - I am just not in love with the brush. I think the quality of the polish is actually quite high, which is what saves it in my opinion. Definitely worth lemming!

@Laura - OLP is another one I think looks cool - kind of like Misa's Dirty Sexy Money? To each her own with the brushes...I think I may have been spoiled by the ProWide because I've been wearing a lot of OPI lately...I just for some reason don't get along with the $OPI brush! I really think its the length of it. The quality of the polish and my love for the few colours I have makes it very worth it though.

<3 kittytokaren

Grace said...

I have a love hate relationship with the pro-wide brush. (Maybe I'm still getting used it?) I don't really mind the brush on the $OPI's. This color reminds me of Zoya Harley, but I'm just going by your pics because I've never seen it in person. I love Harley, but I don't so much love Zoya's formula so maybe I'll go visit this polish in person and see what I think.

I've been pretty impressed with $OPI. I'm actually wearing Metro Chic right now and it's the third time I've worn it since I bought it a few months ago. I had to do a quick change from my teal mani on Sunday night because my dissertation proposal was yesterday (accepted!) and I thought my committee might not love my teal nails as much as I did.

Anonymous said...

Looks GREAT on you! I *just* bought my very first $OPI last weekend, after having been lemming this particular shade for over a year - "Queen of Everything." I wore it on my birthday and loved it on the nail even more than I thought I would! Yes, the brush is wonky, and I don't like the cap on the bottle either, and I do think they are over-priced. But, I love my one and only $OPI (and it will probably remain my only $OPI unless I receive one as a gift sometime 'cause they are too high priced!)

kittytokaren said...

@Grace - You're right! I think this colour is a lot like Zoya Harley. I don't own it to do a comparison but I've seen it and it's definitely very close. Metro Chic is one of my favs! Congrats on the dissertation proposal!!!!! I'm doing mine at the end of April - terrified!!

@danceswithhooves - Thank you!! Congrats on fulfilling your lemming too! :) I haven't tried that one. I feel the same way - I love my $OPIs but I'm not going to go crazy buying them any time soon.

<3 kittytokaren

kelsealaurel said...

Such an amazing color. Absolutely fantastic! I love $OPI, but I only own one (Metro Chic). I would totally buy more, but like you said, EXPENSIVE!!! =( Hope you are doing well, my friend!


scarlettholly said...

okay, now I really want this one. I have been thinking about getting metro chic as well. I have something to return to Sephora this week - maybe I'll exchange and it won't feel like spending ....

kittytokaren said...

@kelsea - hey girl! hope you're doing well too...i have mono so meh...Metro Chic looks awesome on you! I think you'd love this one.

@scarlettholly - returns/store credit = free money! HA! I think Metro Chic and Run With It! are the two must-haves of the $OPI collection!

<3 kittytokaren

TropicalChrome said...

I just bought my second $OPI today, It's Bouquet With Me. I kept looking at it and looking at it and I finally caved. I wish I could have found a more affordable dupe, but sometimes you just have to run with it.

kittytokaren said...

@TropicalChrome - Couldn't have said it better myself! Enjoy your new polish! :)

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