Monday, April 26, 2010

Color Club Take Me to Your Chateau (Pardon My French, Spring 2010)

There's nothing like the sense of impending doom to start the week!

I'm about to experience an absolute disaster: I didn't request enough participant hours to conduct my new experiment -- necessary because the old one was incredibly amateur -- and I need at least forty people run in the next two weeks. There is no money to pay participants. OMFG, I don't know what I'm going to do. I've thought about putting it online but it's an hour-long experiment and I can't imagine anyone would give up an hour of their time to do this, especially at home in front of the computer (where I cannot be assured that people aren't multitasking at the same time anyway).

There is not even enough time to cry. Which is fabulous, because that would be the most useless thing for me to do.

...on a cheerier note:

Color Club Take Me To Your Chateau

This is the only polish from the Pardon My French collection that I liked: not a huge loss since I got the set at Ross for $8 but... I didn't like this one polish THAT much. This is a pretty nice cool pastel blue: it was nearly opaque in one coat! I put on a second because... a one coat pastel was too weird. (That and it wasn't completely perfect. But pretty damn close.)

I'm thinking of setting up a weekly massage from now until I leave for Boston. It sounds crazy and probably seems like a waste of time... but I had a friend who got weekly massages while she was in the final stages of her dissertation (present from her mother, who wanted her daughter to stay sane) and she said that even though it seemed extravagant and wasteful, it really helped her get through those months. I'm not "dissertating" but I have to have three very different projects (one that's almost done, one that's a third done and one's that's not even started) in presentable-in-front-of-smart-people shape in the next four weeks or so... and if there ever was a time in my life for me to treat myself to something that will keep me sane, it would be now.

I am a true believer of "whatever doesn't kill me will make me stronger". This will definitely not kill me. It's too inconsequential to kill me: it's just work, it's just school, it's just research and I'm only a second-year student. I may suffer profound personal and professional embarrassment but hey, humility good for the soul. I will do this, I will get through it, and it'll be June and OVER before I know it. And when it's done, I'll know that I am actually capable. Maybe not amazing, but capable.

OK. Off to start the day and to not cry.

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Amberski said...

That color looks great on you!! I think a massage is a great idea- not wasteful at all. It will help clear your head so you can focus better. You will get through this, and if you need a participant and I can help online, I will- I am a stay at home mom, so I have the time!!

Berry T said...

Oh dear flinty,
go get the massage or take an hour of whatever you'll need to get through. That one hour will work wonders, if not for work, for yourself at least. That's how I stayed sane to get through my own masters programme.
*sends you good vibes*

Kate said...

I second the massage school recommendation! Good luck to you, there are a lot of us out here cheering you on!!!

Jackie S. said...

Stay strong, your nails look great! :)

Tia said...

I agree with Amberski...ask the blog followers to help! I've gotten so much good free advise from your blog, I'd be willing to put in an hour to help you with your project!

Rebecca said...

Hey, I know how horrid Mondays can be, mine was HECTIC today and I wouldn't wish that on anyone. I think getting massages is a great idea. I could really use that right now, but I don't know any decent places near me :(
I hope your start to the week was ok!

Irides said...

man, feel better! I totally understand the absolute feeling of dire gloom, but it will all pass. And the massages will help. :)

daydream222 said...

Sometimes a good cry/freak out/meltdown can actually make you feel better.

I think a weekly massage sounds like absolute heaven. I'm keeping sane by keeping my favorite movies on repeat (while I write my papers - can't write in silence!), working out for about 45 min daily, and doing my manis. :)

Take it one day at a time!!!! If I can help in any way let me know!!

Justine said...

To recruit participants, you can offer a lottery for a prize. Run forty subjects, but only shell out the money for the equivalent of one or a few participants. I've seen this done several times before. Just a suggestion!

Anonymous said...

Can we do your experiment? If you put it up online, I would totally help out and participate, especially if you let us know how it went and what the data was like.

Arrianne said...

I agree with littleblackcat, I would love to waste an hour of my life participating in your research.

Also crying and breaking down, although it sucks and makes you(me) feel like a big pussy it helps.

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