Tuesday, April 6, 2010

iNOTD: Nicole In Your Arms

One of my favorite NOTDs of late! This is Day 3 (and I rarely wear manis for more than two days).

Nicole In Your Hands

Dark blue jelly. Mmm mmm good. The blue is slightly dustier than shown here.

I just finished running the first nine participants for my new experiment. It makes me feel better that I am running an experiment: it feels like progress, even though I don't know the results yet. I don't have enough for a real analysis but I'm going look through the data tonight to see what's going on. In the meanwhile, my bronchitis has eased into a terrible hacking cough and the ear infection seems to be improving finally. I'm still really easily exhausted though. There's just too much to do and not enough time to do it in.

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Starlight said...

Mmmm! I love a good jelly polish,and Nicole is a great brand.

Kate said...

Ooooooo, feel better! I've managed to escape bronchitis my entire life. I've had pneumonia, but not bronchitis. I've also managed to avoid whooping cough too. My high school had a huge case of whooping cough one year and my mom kept me home as I'm not immunized from it. I can't have the shot due to my Epilepsy so I was stuck at home!

The pneumonia was bad enough with my bronchial asthma. My mom had to call the doctor to prescribe cough medicine laced with morphine to stop the coughing for three hours as I can't take Nyquil (very alcohol-intolerant). Awful stuff but it worked along with using my inhaler.

Sending lots of e-Kleenex and wishes for you to get well quickly!

P.S. That color is gorgeous.

WizardsOfBling said...

Love that blue jelly!
Hope you get well quick!

The Polish Hoochie said...

I have this in my untrieds - it's awesome on you!

Arrianne said...

Where did you get this beauty?

flinty said...

@starlight: I just wish the Nicole bottles wouldn't look like urinals!!

@Kate: I had pneumonia once, that was a terrible experience. The worst, though, was mono: it just dragged on for months. I would kill for morphine-laced cough medicine though: my cough is uncontrollable lately.

@wizardsofbling: Thanks!

@Hoochie: You should try it. It's a lovely polish!

@Arrianne: Marshall's. It was in a set of two for something like $5.

Kate said...

Flinty--I can honestly say I've never had mono. A lot of kids at my high school had it, but I managed to avoid it. I've heard it's pretty bad.

Did you get an inhaler when you were diagnosed with bronchitis? Normally docs will give you two, one that you take twice a day (normally Advair) and a rescue inhaler if you get a nasty coughing fit. Scalding hot showers work too. Don't wash in it (duh), but let the room steam up and sit in it for 15-30 minutes and breathe deeply. The steam works to get the gunk out of your airways.

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