Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Nubar Sparkles NOTDs and comparisons with Color Club Glitter Vixen

I ended up buying the entire Nubar Sparkles collection because it's glitter... but when I got it, I realized the obvious: it's just glitter. And they look a lot like other glitters I already own, namely the Color Club Glitter Vixen (which can be found at Ross for $8 per set). I didn't think any of them were going to be this dead on though:

Nubar Sky Sparkle on three fingers and Color Club Sexy Siren on one
Can you tell which one?
If you guessed index finger (the leftmost one), then you have sharper eyes than I do. They look like perfect dupes in person though they differ in application and in finish. The Nubar Sparkles I've tried so far are pretty gritty (not chunky but definitely gritty) while the Color Clubs are glossier. In this case, Sky Sparkle took four coats to opacity while Sexy Siren took three.

Nubar Hyacinth on three fingers and Color Club Tru Passion on one

This one is much easier to see: the pinky (the rightmost one) is Tru Passion. Again, the Color Club was glossier while the Nubar was gritty. Tru Passion is also a smidge darker and the glitter is less uniform: there are some bigger and smaller chunks that makes it sparkle more than the Nubar Sparkle. Tru Passion needed four coats to opacity, Hyacinth needed three. I prefer the application for Hyacinth but I love the life that Tru Passion has.

So... $7.50 for one, $8 for the entire set of the other. I wonder which ones I would buy if I could do it over again...

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aaminahs mom said...

well thats a no brainer because i have a issue with the glitters 1- the grittiness 2- the removal. i also just learned a removal trick which is good, besides the only glitter i have is the color club,and the zoya sparkle mimi might get gilda unsure

ShortAndSweetNails said...

They look gorgeous but you're right they're all basically the same. I passed on these.

Halifax said...

Thanks for this post. It never occurs to me that I can use CC for Nubar dupes. Now I can only wish Ross would come to Canada so I can get a set for $8, lol

Aimee said...

Thank you so much for this comparison. I passed on both these Nubar colors for this exact reason and now I can continue feeling good about it. Some of the Nubars are beautiful and absolutely unique. I think my favorite is Night Sky, which I think is to blue what Ruby Pumps and Emerald Sparkle are to red and green, respectively.

Starlight said...

Thanks for the comparison swatches.Good to know you can find CC at Ross.And a whole set for eight bucks? Can't beat that with a stick!

Papaya Bunny said...

I bought Tru Passion wanting it to look like that (well, a little more royal purple) and it just didn't happen for me. :(

Guess that's what I get for my first glitter polish purchase in years despite my hatred of them!

flinty said...

@aaminahs mom: actually, the CC glitters are pretty smooth for glitters, imo but yeah, glitters in general are pretty gritty. The Nubar ones though... gahhh, so many layers of topcoat to smooth those suckers out!

@shortandsweet: not all of them are exactly the same (all of the CC ones are in clear base while some of the Nubar were in jelly bases) but these two that I posted above are very very dupey.

@halifax: Ross is pretty hit or miss for me. It all depends on the store even. One store close to me has NOTHING. But the other one a little further away almost always has at least on CC set in stock.

@aimee: I haven't tried Night Sky yet? I hear it stains something awful though... :(

@starlight: honestly, the CC sets at Ross? The absolute best deal in nail polish. Even if you don't like all the colors in a set, you're still getting good polishes at a steal.

@papaya bunny: Aww, your Tru Passion didn't look like this? :( That's strange. It is a lighter purple than darker purple though and photos rarely show purples accurately.

Arrianne said...

The only one that really interested me in this Nubar collection was Fire Sparkles. How does it compare to the red in Glitter Vixen?

College sophomore said...

I love both the Nubar Sky sparkle and Color Cllub Sexy Siren, the color of the glitter is sooooo pretty!!! I think I'll try and see if I can get my hands on Sexy Siren because it seems to be the cheaper of the too. Also from the was you explained it the nicer of the two too.

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