Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Last haul for a long haul: Zoya, Golden Rose and H2T

I'm on a temporary no-buy from now til my birthday in mid-May. Why? Because of this impulse purchase:

Meet Ananke, my iPad. She joins my family of Greek-myth-named electronic devices including Mnemosyne (my laptop), Theia (external hard drive), Niobe (USB drive), Narcissus (camera) and Eidyia (the iPhone from whence I am posting). I've been doing this name thing for years ever since my friends and I got our iPods and named them after the Nine Muses (mine was Polyhymnia).

So this last haul -- which were all ordered prior to my huge impulse buy -- will be it for a bit.

From Zoya (because I wanted a big Remove+):

Astra, Charla, Nidhi, Luna, Gilda.

From Head2ToeBeauty:

Cherry Topping, Hot Couture (with a bit of white, I think it could be the perfect mannequin hands nude for me), Single and Ready to Limbo, Jester Ate the King Cake, Throw Me Something Purple Please, Total Eclipse of the Heart and Blame It On Fat Tuesday.

And finally, from Golden Rose. Thank you so much to missnono @ Black Nail Polish and Lip Gloss blog for finding this company! (Wish I could hyperlink from my iPhone...) I've loved their glitter eyeliners for years and could only imagine how fabulous their nail line could be. They are so affordable (between $2-4) and ship so quickly!

Golden Rose Paris line:

37, 86, 113, 103. Check out closer photos of the last two: holos!

Golden Rose Super Shine and Lasting line:

163 (silver glitter, purple bar glitter and red hearts) and 146 (possibly a very shimmery RBL Scrangie dupe!)

Golden Rose Holographic line:

119 and 116 (why did I get 3 red/pink holos??)

And Golden Rose Care+Strong line:

158 and 166 (more purple IRL and has round and bar glitter).

This should keep me occupied for awhile...

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Skulda said...

mega haul!!!

Stephanie said...

Whoa, iPad. That's crazy. Let us know how you like it.

faerieberry said...

Hi Flinty.

I really like this blog. I thought I'd finally come out of the woodwork and introduce myself. I am not a grad student, but I can identify with a lot of the stressors you all post about, as I am a re-entry student at a hyper competitive university. This is a great place to merge my cerebral interests with my obsession with color!

Those are some interesting new polishes from Golden Rose. I'm curious to know if they are B3F? I'd love to see a swatch of Misa's Throw Me Something Purple, GR 163, 146 and 166.

Have a beautiful afternoon!


Starlight said...

Nice haul! I've been toying with the idea of the IPAD. Nice to hear about Golden Rose. I would like to try them! They look gorgeous,especially in those pretty little bottles! I love nice packaging!

Evil Angel said...

I am always happy to take the blame for pretties!
I'm thinking 86 is going on my list.

mKat said...

First off...

LOL @ your naming conventions! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. (I think you should mix a bunch of frankens with those names in honor of your electronics, too.)

I have named a lot of my electronics over the years but they are odes to my favourite rock musicians, typically (but not exclusively) guitarists. :)

Congrats on your iPad purchase. :) They haven't made it to Canada yet but it is on my bf's list. Let us know what you think! I would totally dig a non-polish review...LOL (I'm really interested in a student's perspective on the iPad. My bf wants it for a variety of things but he isn't a student so he doesn't ask the same questions of his electronics as I do.)

I sympathize with the last of the major hauls for a while. I just bought myself a Nexus One (Google's phone). Great because there's no contract... terrible (because there's no contract and I had to ship it from the US). :P

On the upside... I can mobile blog now!


Those Misas look awesome! I am liking "Single and Ready to Limbo" and "Total Eclipse of the Heart". :)

Ice Queen said...

Nice haul. Can't wait to see swatches. :D

aaminahs mom said...

thanks for the hookup to golden rose hey thanks a good deal h2t has a 5% discount apr05 at the checkout ladies hurry up and start swatching we're all waiting especially that rbl scrangie dupe cuz rbl now says that scrangie isn't coming back just yet

aaminahs mom said...

could you please list your etailers in the margin

The Glitterati said...

iPad! I had a friend (from Calgary) fly down to Seattle to buy one, the Mac-love is strong in that one. Congrats on the new toy! ;)

Also I can't wait to see Cherry Topping on you.

susies1955 said...

NICE. Can I come help you put them all away? I'll bring a tote bag. LOL.
I have a couple of Zoya's but not those and I have never seen any of the others.

Jackie S. said...

I love 119, and 116...and the ipad is so nice!

KeysGoRound said...

Eeiii! I also bought an iPad today! I don't get 3G in my area, so I was happy that I got the WiFi version.

flinty said...

@Skulda: Yep! It was fun unwrapping everything. :D

@Stephanie: So far, I like it more than I thought I would. I'm still trying to figure out how to make it a really good work/study tool though.

@faerieberry: hi! I have a lot of sympathy for being in a hypercompetitive university. I went to two of them and it can be craziness-making. I'm not sure if Golden Rose is B3F, I will have to check on that. I'll be working on some swatches to of these to put in May after my "sabbatical". ;)

@Starlight: Me too! I'm such a sucker for the package. :) The iPad is definitely an investment but I spend so much time on it as it is that I think it will end up being invaluable to me.

@Evil Angel: 86 is more neon than mint, just a warning. :) Not that you don't love your neons. :)

@mKat: LOL, I should totally do that. It should be a holo collection too. I may actually write about how I'm using my iPad once I start figuring out how to best use it. And once I get a good case for it. Seriously, all the good cases are sold out everywhere! How do you like the Nexus One?

@Ice Queen: Me too, I should get on that... ;)

@aaminahs mom: we're working on a redesign of the website and we'll consider including a list of etailers that we enjoy ordering from.

@Glitterati: ...someone bought a round-trip plane ticket... to buy an iPad? Wow. That's devotion.

@susies: LOL, honestly, I have too much nail polish right now. Someone could probably take a totebag full of them and I might not notice. :( I used to really dislike Zoya but the new Sparkles collection was too pretty to pass up./

@Jackie S: 119 looks incredible but I just opened it and it looked really goopy... :( I guess I'll have to thin it out first.

@keysgoround: the 3G one is so expensive anyway, and you have to pay per month for the service too, don't you?

Arrianne said...

Wow an much did that set you back? Nice haul.

Paillette said...

I got the glitter and the Scrangie dupe, but the dupe is more lavender based, not so blue.

Can't wait for the Paris swatches! I got the little holographic ones, the faux MPJ and two others.

mKat said...

@flinty: Looking forward to your reviews. :) (And your new holos! haha)

I am absolutely LOVING the Nexus One. It is a huge, HUGE change to go from a phone that's almost a decade old on prepaid to a net compliant phone on a monthly plan that takes advantage of a multitude of applications and services. I've set up Blogger to be able to blog remotely, I now have Twitter and formspring...and a ton of other really helpful applications (and, as a result, a host of new ideas for our redesign).

Oh! And I took the phone geocaching on the weekend! It really is incredible...

So far, I don't have much to complain about. I love the fact that I'm not married to a single network, the camera on it is great and it has flash. The whole thing syncs up seamlessly with my email (non-Google stuff too)...

Maybe that's everyone's experience on the iPhone, I'm not sure...

I could go on would just be me rambling. :) After a year of deliberation, it is definitely worth the $600 I dropped on it. :P

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