Thursday, April 8, 2010

This is why my Sally Hansen Insta Dri topcoat isn't my BFF anymore: a ruined MAC Blue India mani (plus a rare EOTD)

Look at all the dumbass bubbles in my beautiful mani! I took this off immediately after I finished applying it: never have I had so many damn bubbles! This topcoat is now consigned to glitter polishes only (because then bubbles are not as visible over glitter).

MAC Blue India
Surprisingly good application for a MAC polish. Gorgeous dark dusty blue creme with a slight teal tinge. Bought it on a whim, still not sure if I love it or not though -- MAC polishes always seem to be too expensive for its quality. I haven't done a wear test with this yet though. I'll do one sometime and if it doesn't chip off within the first 24 hours, I may just keep it.

Haha, my first ever EOTD using something else from the MAC Liberty of London collection. I was trying to coordinate eyeshadow with nail polish (a plan that fell through when I took off my bubbly fail of an NOTD)...
Inner corner: Urban Decay Honey eyeshadow
Outer corner (upper lid): MAC Birds & Berries eyeshadow
Outer corner (lower lid): MAC Azreal Blue pigment
Imju Fiberwig mascara (and no, I don't curl my lashes because I hate the way curled lashes look on me... and they uncurl in less than an hour and then my mascara crumbles with it and then I'm a raccoon with short, thin lashes. The joys of Asian monolid eyes. My eyes are half closed here; when fully open, I don't have a visible eyelid.)

So, I've been thinking about it and instead of posting less in April, I'm going to not do any formal posting for the next 2.5 weeks -- a mini-sabbatical, if you will. School and research are very overwhelming for me right now and keeping up with blogging is starting to feel like "keeping up" rather than something I do for fun. (I'm going to try to stay away from MakeupAlley too since that also distracts me more than I like it to. For the better anyway, I kinda spent a lot of money in the last month and don't need inspiration to spend more.) From now until approximately April 25th, I will be limiting myself to the occasional iNOTD (which I usually do on the bus to and from campus) but I'll not be posting any "real" swatches or NOTDs. Fortunately, there are six other wonderful Polish or Perish bloggers to entertain you all and between them, I'm sure you'll barely notice that I'm gone. :D

Have a nice April everyone! See you soon. :)

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Alisa said...

Oh no! That beautiful blue mani ruined. I hope you didn't have this trouble with any other top coat...

Katie said...

I love Blue India but I love your NOTD more, you have beautiful luminous eyes, maybe you should post EOTDs more often flinty!! Mac's Liberty Of London hasn't released here yet I wonder when it will be!!

Apriltini said...

I love this polish. Picked it up the day after the collection launched. I'm not a MAC fan, but I fell in love with this color and had to have it. For me, three coats to get bottle color, though I could have stopped at two. Great wear for me. I usually get some tip wear within 12-24 hours, but not with this. No tip wear for two whole days, and I'm quite brutal with my nails. I loved the color so much I couldn't stop staring at my fingers. And this from someone who does not like cremes. Go figure.

Rebekah said...

darn I was just going to pick up the insta dry..looks like I will be trying the seche again LOL

Deborah said...

Enjoy your new addition to the "Greek" family. I name my electronic purchases as well, but I usually use Hindu goddesses. Which reminds me that I need a name for my new cell phone...

You are exactly right - blogging should be "fun" and not work. I can't imagine how you - or any of the other bloggers here - do all you do AND still have time to document your hobby! You gals are quite the inspiration. So don't worry about taking some time off from blogging. I hope you can get some rest, or at least a little rest. :P

As far as the bubbles in the Insta-Dri, I recall a bottle I had a few years ago which did the same thing. But at the moment I can't remember what was the cause - I currently have a nasty cold and my head is one big thick weight sitting on my shoulders. If I happen to have a breakthrough I will edit this and add it in. And I wish I had mad skillz with the eye makeup like you. :)

Nancy said...

Hey there, good luck over the next few weeks with your work and stuff.
I'll miss you on the board.

Nancy (NanRx)

Irides said...

Man, I'm gonna miss your posts. D: But take the time off; I do understand when it's absolutely necessary (seeing as I'm taking an involuntary one myself). :) Also, lovely makeup! It's nice to see an EOTD for an Asian eye.

Ice Queen said...

Thanks for the warning about Sally Hansen Insta Dry Top Coat. I had that on my list to pick up when I go shopping. I'll just skip it, now. :D

Justine said...

I surprised myself by buying Blue India. In the days leading up to the purchase, I was wearing Claire's MOOD in Daring/Innocent and unexpectedly liking the blue-gray. (Yup, if it gets cold enough it become blue-gray instead of simply gray as it's frequently portrayed in the blogosphere.) I'm still a little bit in disbelief that I actually bought an overpriced MAC polish.

Yay for your EOTD! I was delighted to see your eye because I can identify with it. (Does that sound weird? Um, yeah . . .)

"See" you in a few weeks, Flinty!

Niki* said...

so pretty!!! and love the EOTD!

Papaya Bunny said...

I want to say that I also had that problem with a different SH top coat. And now I'm even more sad because I just learned that Seche Vite, which I have been using, gets gloopy and thick after a certain point, and I've had this bottle for a few months now. :(

flinty said...

@Alisa: I've never gotten bubbles like I have with SH Insta-Dri, that's for sure

@Katie: *blush!* Aw, thanks for the nice compliment on my eyes. I kinda just think of them as dull and nearsighted. :)

@Apriltini: Sometimes, a nail polish just works. I'm glad you had such a good experience with BI!

@Rebekah: I generally use Nubar Diamont. It does have some shrinkage but I've generally found it to be a good and reliable topcoat.

@Deborah: Hindu goddesses? That's awesome. What do you think you're going to call your new cell phone? Unfortunately, the break is not so much for rest as much as "lose sleep over school". :( Thanks for the compliment on the eyeshadow! It was the first time I did my makeup in a couple of months so I was pretty happy with it.

@Nancy: thanks! I'll still be around, I'm sure. Checking NB is a nervous tic. :)

@Irides: Thanks! It's definitely gotten easier in the last few years to find Asian monolid EOTDs but they're still kinda hard to come by sometimes.

@Ice Queen: always happy to kill lemmings. I don't know why that makes me feel good: like I'm helping people save money maybe?

@Justine: MAC is pretty good about letting you return stuff so if you don't like it, definitely consider returning it. Too much money to just let sit around if you don't love the polish. And no, you don't sound weird at all. I'm always a little sad when I see great EOTDs and eye makeup tutorials that I want to copy but know that because of the shape of my eye, it won't turn out looking like it's supposed to.

@Niki: Thanks!!

@Papaya Bunny: Yeah, you have thin out SV every so often. Once I get below the halfway mark, I almost always have to thin it out to make it usable again.

Arrianne said...

Of course we'll miss you Flinty! You're the most consistent poster on this blog and dare I say you're my favorite...*ducks* I still love the rest of you gals on this blog though!

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