Sunday, April 11, 2010

My Pink Kick Continues: Essie It's In the Bag

I've been on a serious pink streak lately - maybe its the spring-time blossoms or maybe I'd like to feel more pretty nowadays, but I keep testing combos and buying (and returning) polishes in the quest for my perfect pink. I gave up at purchasing new polishes and decided to go deep into my stash to find my perfect shade - besides, shopping in your own closet comes to $0 including tax!! This combo comes close to what I'm looking for, so I'm reasonably pleased. This is Essie It's In the Bag topped with a coat of Essie Mademoiselle:

I adore the milky sheer-ness of It's In the Bag - it becomes opaque enough that the many flaws of my nail whites are disguised, it's white enough that I don't have to do white tips...but it's *just* not quite pink enough. My added coat of Mademoiselle gave it a touch more pinkness and I am pretty sure that with one more coat I'd have my ideal pink! Definitely Victoria's Secret model-nails.

The formulas on both of these polishes are legendary to me. You can see from the picture that my bottle of It's In the Bag is pretty used up - that's because its a no-brainer. It's pale and milky, but never streaky and really easy to work with. (I love pale sheers but I do not tolerate streakiness - it's my pet peeve. Polishes that streak are banished from my stash! Exiled! Never to return!) Mademoiselle is a classic that I'm sure you've already heard about - beauty editors far and wide have raved about this one. The formula is more of a sweet candy glaze that just polishes everything off with a healthy pink glow. It makes every polish I put it on top of even better - and is fab on it's own. Desert island material for sure.

I've tried other polishes with more colour (i.e. OPI Heart Throb, OPI Rosy Future among many others) and they have too much colour - they make my hands just look kind of sweaty if that makes any sense? I don't do well with medium pinks, sadly.

Do you go on colour kicks? Have you had a craving for a certain colour lately? Which one?


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jaljen said...

Very pretty. I'm rocking the pastel cremes at the moment.
Well, sorta. CG Mom's Chiffon and CG Sprinkles on the LH. With CG Agent
Lavender and Revlon Street Wear Raw on the RH. Pale and bright and pretty.

Alison said...

I've been on a Mademoiselle kick myself lately, I will apply other colours only to hate it and re-apply Mademoiselle! ITA that it's a desert island polish.

This combo is really pretty, I'll have to pick up It's in the Bag to add to my huge collex of Essie Sheers!

Your Essie Sheer loving freind (EnglishRoseAmongThorns)

kittytokaren said...

@jaljen - thanks! ive been in a softer mood myself lately as well. I've also been trying to find a perfect far fail! i'm putting up a post on that soon...

@Alison - *waves*!!! So great to see you here my friend :) sometimes i feel like quitting because i feel like my NOTDs arent that exciting but then I remember there are like-minded people like you around!


mKat said...


I did not mean to overwhelm your post. I just signed on to formspring and was trying to set up the automatic embed on blogger. Unfortunately PoP is my primary blog (it seems) and so the formspring got embedded here. I didn't even think to look... Sorry!

This polish is gorgeous on you - as usual.

Grace said...

These are two of my go-to colors when I'm in the mood for sheers. I have backups of both of these. I wore It's in the Bag at my wedding, but I've never tried layering it.

kittytokaren said...

@mKat - s'OK girl!

@Grace - Wow! It's In the Bag is a really special polish in your life! Seriously, every time I wear it from now on I'm going to be thinking of you. <3

The Glitterati said...

I think we are brain-twins in addition to being undertone-twins. (I'm Catamia on NB) I was wearing neutrals a lot last term (for work) but now that the term's over, I feel free to wear whatever. And yet, I keep putting on neutrals and pales! My Essies definitely have been getting a workout. Currently it's Essie Sugar Daddy.

The Glitterati said...

Waaait... did you guys change the comment form so that I can cut & paste within it now? THANK YOU <3!!!

kittytokaren said...

@Glitterati - Ahh did not realize you were Catamia! I think we are indeed undertone twins (wow that sounds like a bad superhero name - The Undertone Twins! dun dun duh daaa!!!) and I'm glad I'm not alone in picking so-called 'boring' colours quite often!! I don't know what it is! Love Sugar Daddy and I bet it looks awesome on you...

Oh and I know nothing about the comment form changing...other PoP'ers may be at work!!

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