Monday, April 19, 2010

Sugar Rush: OPI It's A Girl!

Admittedly, I have a sweet-tooth. I don't often do that much to fight it either. Have dinner or a piece of cake? If I have a sugar craving - cake wins. So it's no wonder that I couldn't resist sampling something from the new OPI SoftShades collection. I've had a craving for a sticky-sweet pink polish - one that was sheer - but more milky than Essie Mademoiselle; pink - but with less colour than OPI Sugar Cookie Pink or Heart Throb.

I don't know why I wanted this kind of colour so badly. Every time I've tried similar colours I've kind of hated it on me! (Much how I hate the stomachache cake gives me after I eat it for dinner...) But my craving won out and I snapped up this sugary sweet confection from the SoftShades Pink Collection the day it arrived at Ulta.

OPI It's A Girl!:

Consider my sweet-tooth satisfied! I actually like this on me! It's just pink enough to be noticed, but not overly pigmented. (For my ultra pale skin, I find that sheers with more colour in them just look kind of...odd.) It's also the perfect level of milkiness to cover some blemishes and applies without any streaks whatsoever! The above is two coats and I think I'd like it at three as well. (I tested it on one finger with 3 coats and it looks much more opaque.)

I thought I might regret this purchase, but I absolutely don't! No remorse here, but I think I'm going to eat a salad for dinner tonight, just to be safe.

What polishes are you craving right now?? I'm still craving Chanel Kaleidoscope and my perfect coral. (Trying to hunt down Essie Carousel Coral at the mo'!) What do you think of the pink?


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Caitlin said...

I love colors like this to throw on one coat of if I don't feel like doing a full mani :) I'm currently really craving Zoya Charla and Mimi... and the perfect coral color as well! I can't seem to find one, they're all either too orange or too red.

LacquerMuse said...

This is really pretty on you. I've been craving something sweet and a bit squishy like this. I'll have to dig through my stash and see what I can find!

NY*NAIL*DIVA said...

This is very pretty! looks good on you.

Beck said...

I saw your prior coral post, and I own Carousel Coral, and I have to tell you in nail polish solidarity that if the colors you posted are too bright/KAPOW for your hands, Carousel Coral is equally bright. I like it as a pedi but it's a superbold mani.

Adrienne said...

I'm jealous that you can wear sheers so well!!

BTW I'll have to do a post of Carousel Coral for you sometime soon!!

kittytokaren said...

@Caitlin - I am having such a coral problem!!! It's like lipstick for me...I can't find one that doesn't seem too dark or bright on me!! *frustration stomp*

@LacquerMuse - Thank you :) That's exactly it - sweet and squishy!!

@NY*NAIL*DIVA - Why thank you friend!

@Beck - Arrggghhh I was afraid of that. *sigh* Maybe my search is in vain.

@Adrienne - Please please please do a Carousel Coral post!!! Would be so curious as to how it looks on you!


Lolitadewdrop said...

It's a beautiful colour! I hope that they sell it in South Africa because then I'll definitely buy it.

The Glitterati said...

OM NOM NOM, sheer jelly goodness! :)

As for corals, this may be more on the peachy side, but have you taken a look at $OPI How Cute Is That? Corals aren't fab on me, but this one is decent, and has a bit of softness to it. Good luck!

R3Beauty said...

This looks amazing on you! I am loving this. This is one I probably would not have considered buying before seeing your post.

I am craving so many polishes right now it is ridic! I am trying to be good and go through the lot I have now before buying more though. TRYING!

Apaige2u said...

I am so with R3Beauty on trying to restrain and continue with just my untrieds - but KittyKaren you are not making this easy!! That color looks so chic and just enough or a statement to say "aren't I sweet?" and just sheer enough to say - yes, I'm a girly girl! Great job!!

kittytokaren said...

@Lolitadewdrop - Thank you! I don't think this is a US-only collection so you should see it in SA, but don't quite me on it!!

@Glitterati - jelly goodness is right! I have looked at How Cute is That but haven't pulled the trigger! I might have to try it out on one nail in the store and walk around with it for a while!

@R3Beauty - Thanks friend! I try to keep my untrieds to about 10 (its probably less than that right now! Go me!) but its hard - I've been craving this kind of colour since I had a quick polish change at the airport in Heart Throb and I loved the texture/effect but the colour was too strong...when I heard this collection was coming out I told myself I'd allow myself to buy just one! :)

@Apaige2u - Thanks honey! It is a sweet colour - I feel like I've dipped my fingers in candy coating or something! The hubs liked it (but his favs are still OPI Got the Blues for Red and RBL ONS!!) and I just love the texture!


Piff said...

No streak milky sheer? Sign me up :)

Arrianne said...

This reminds me of something I have, Pink of Hearts 2 by OPI. I'll have to pull that out and wear it again!

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