Monday, May 17, 2010

Congrats Noodle! Graduation Nails - Essie Vanity Fairest

Not my graduation unfortunately, but my lil baby brother is graduating from college today. I guess he's not so little now anymore huh? I am going to cry uncontrollably. Just like I did when he turned 18...and when he graduated high school...and the day he moved into his dorm...yeah...

I decided to go with something soft and sheer because this has been/continues to be a long weekend full of wardrobe changes and I was really stuck about what to wear. PoP reader Grace inspired me to buy (and now wear!) Essie Vanity Fairest because she said it was one of her desert island favs! Well I got it Grace and I love it!

Click on this one to see the pretty shimmers:

It's great to apply - Look Ma! No streaks! - and then it has the slightest touch of silver shimmer. This has cured my urge for Chanel Pink Satin. Again, another nail-perfecting milky pink sheer from Essie with a little something special. It's soft, feminine, and I love it.

Good luck to my Noodle in his future endeavours!!!

What did you all wear to your own college graduation? I don't remember!


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cidell said...

I wore OPI's Not in Kansas Anymore Red. It was likely one of the five bottles of polish I owned back then. It's still a favorite!

jaljen said...

Oh, that is so pretty. I didn't attend my graduation. Not keen on dressing up.

Anonymous said...

uh yeah, didn't graduate college...but I wore some random pastel to my beauty school graduation

Brooke said...

very pretty!!

To my first college grad, I had a french mani; to my next graduation, I wore a shade of pink; to my Master's grad Fri, I'm wearing red :D

Piff said...

Oh yes! VF is one of my favs!

R3Beauty said...

I can't remember what I wore on my nails on my graduation day! Hmmm...

Lovely mani and congrats to your lil' bro.

Audrey said...

Oh my!! this looks exquisite on you!! So sheer, chic and sassy!! Love this!! Congrats to the baby brother!! I wore a french mani when I graduated from college - some many moons ago!! :-)

kittytokaren said...

@cidell - that is a classic!! I bet it looked awesome :)

@jaljen - I didn't attend it for my MS..I am really not keen on graduation ceremonies myself.

@Scandalous - um beauty school totally counts!!

@Brooke - Congrats on your Masters!!!!!!!!

@Piff - Now its one of mine too - Its like Mlle but with some shimmer...Super cute.

@R3 - I think its scary that I can't remember what I wore either!!! And thanks :) I cried.

@Audrey - Ooo la la thank you!! :) He is sweet and got emotional too.


Ping said...

Love this light pink, looks really classy :)

keerthi said...

so soft and pretty! i wore chg recycle on my tips and opi elephantastic pink on my toes :)

Piff said...

Oh I forgot - I wore OPI DS Diamond.

Grace said...

I'm so glad you like it!

I can't remember what I wore to my own graduation from undergrad, but I suspect it was a beige sheer b/c I do remember that I wore a red dress under my gown :)

DewDropDove said...

I wore Butter LONDON's "Pillar Box Red"...I had meant to change it to Essies "Great Expectations" but I ran out of time!

Alison said...

I love Vanity Fairest, it looks really pretty on you.

I did a french mani for my graduation, so it was most likely Essie Mademoiselle and Marshmallow. After seeing Vanity Fairest on you, I might wear that for my MSc Graduation. It's in November so I will have probably forgotten by then though!

Congrats for your little bro', it's such a fantastic achievement.

kittytokaren said...

@ping - thanks!!

@keerthi - I'm honoured you commented here! Love your blog!! And I love that graduation combo of grey and pink :)

@Piff - I am wearing that right now! We are polish sisters somehow...thats how I justify all the lemmings you give me...I need something.

@Grace - Ah there you are!! I really do like it! :) Thanks for the rec - when you said it was your desert island fav I *had* to have it! And I love the touch of the red dress under the gown!

@DewDropDove - Good idea with the Great Expectations but I bet the red was a zinger!

@Alison - hey there friend!! I was missing you :) I thought you finished your MSc??? Why is the grad in November?? I'm so proud of my bro!!


Alison said...

Hey friend! Yeah I have finished but my Uni's ceremonies aren't until November. My graduation for my Bachelors degree was the same! All the Uni's in the UK have theirs at different times, some as soon as they finish in the summer, others like mine are at the end of the year!

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