Monday, May 17, 2010

Ulta polishes

Recently stopped into Ulta to check our their revamped polishes. They're now in different shape bottles and have a black removable cap! They also put out numerous new shades in their new packaging. I only picked up two that I didn't think I had any dupes of. Definitely click on these to enlarge them so you can see the silver shimmer in them!

Alter Ego

Chic Peek

They both went on opaque in two coats. The brush and formula on these are easy to control. Chic Peek was more brush strokey than Alter Ego, but not so obvious that it would drive my crazy. Chic Peek is a not too red brown, I personally don't like browns that appear too red. All in all, very happy with my small purchase!

Ulta is definitely holding their own releasing new shades and revamping their bottles. I'm excited to see what else they come out with next! And they often have sales on their own cosmetics line so it also makes my wallet happy! Which Ulta products are you loving??

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SailorWifey said...

I really like the shimmer :)

♥ SailorWifey

Ashley A. said...

Chic Peek looks very nice. I never really see anything of Ulta's brand that catches my eye much so I never check them out (that, and there are no Ultas within a 50 mile radius).

Piff said...

Chick Peek is your perfect shade.

mKat said...

Alter Ego (I am a little biased as I love blue) is absolutely stunning!

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