Sunday, May 16, 2010

A couple of the new American Apparel polishes: Summer Peach and California Trooper

I ordered these the day they came out.

And then four days later, I got a coupon code for 30% off. *headdesk* Patience is a virtue I do not have. And it doesn't pay. Literally.

American Apparel California Trooper

I don't know what it is about this khaki shade -- it's kind of ugly -- but I knew I had to have it as soon as I saw bottle pics. It's not a color I have many examples of. The closest I can find is the recent Essie Playa Del Platinum (which I think I described as a "sandy greige"): they are very close and most people will only need one but CA Trooper is more yellow in tone and a smidge lighter. Application was great for this polish: two coats to opacity, smooth finish. As usual, I find the AA brush too long and too eager to retain polish (which it then deposits onto my cuticles) but that's a brush issue, not a formula issue.

American Apparel Summer Peach

(Ignore the dent in my nail! Don't think of a pink elephant!) I wish I could pull off colors like this one. It's a bit too stark for my skin (and gives me lobster-like hands) but it's still a lovely peach creme that straddles the pink-orange boundary nicely. Application was not fun for this one: it is nearly opaque in two coats but I really needed three. The formula was thick and a bit sticky. I was tempted to put some thinner into it and put on a third coat but I was running out of time to do my nails so I skipped all that. Probably my least favorite AA polish so far.

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smALtY said...

Even if application has been unfunny, these colours are so nice!!

Jo said...

It sucks the formulation is wonky, because i love the peach colour :S

Lolitadewdrop said...

Your nails are looking so great! I really like the swatches.

SalvagedExpression said...

I love California Trooper! I only seem to love the "ugly" AA shades though. I've been lemming Manilla for months too.

Arrianne said...

I'm sure Dov Charney would enjoy your use of 'straddle' in a review of his product.

youknow said...

I love American Apparel :D like nails

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