Saturday, May 29, 2010

Even more stash pics: fauxnads that resemble real Konads

It's the day of my poster! 2-3pm today. And after that... I AM FREE!! (Sort of.) I'm at least free to enjoy the rest of my time in Boston. And I am so looking forward to that.

Today I have even more nail stamp plate stash photos.... we're about halfway through my stash at this point.

These I got from eBay about a year ago: a seller whose name I no longer remember was selling a bunch of the typical GCOCL-like fauxnads but he or she also had a bunch of
dead-on Konad dupes, so I scooped them up. They work fine and are the exact same patterns, if not as deeply etched and on a lighter-feeling disk.

Fauxnad B09 (compare to Konad M3)
Plastic still hasn't been taken off the plate. Wasn't excited about this one but figured I'd have some use for basic hearts and stars sometime.

Fauxnad B16 (compare to Konad M8)
Umbrella! Dunno what that little spray of whatever with the dots at the end is but I like it.

Fauxnad B17 (compare to Konad M20)
Plastic still on. I forgot that I wanted to use the little cluster of cherry blossoms (or whatever blossoms) for Chinese New Year earlier this year. Love the gingko leaves.

Fauxnad B29 (compare to Konad M38)
Grapes on a vine and a wine glass. Perfect. Perfect for what? Who knows.

Fauxnad B33 (compare to Konad M37)
Grapes! I like some of the garlands on this one too.

Fauxnad B36 (compare to Konad M39)
Really don't know why I got this one...

Fauxnad B56 (compared to Konad M44)
I'm so bad at placing French tips that I haven't even bothered trying any of these.

Fauxnad B57 (compare to Konad M45)
I tried the polka dots. That's where I learned I couldn't Konad a french tip straight to save my life.

Fauxnad B65 (compared to Konad M51)
I dunno what it is: I love swirls. When I doodle, I doodle swirls much like the ones one this plate.

Here's an odd one:

Fauxnad M24 ( to Konad M24)
It's the same number and everything but I got it off of eBay and it doesn't have the paper backing that real Konad plates have. It also photographed differently than any other plate I have: I can't describe it that well, it's like it diffused light differently. It was hard to get a pic that showed the designs clearly.

And finally, the one plate I got from this particular seller that wasn't a Konad dupe:

Fauxnad B61
Why did I get it? Snowflakes. :)

And I'm not even on the BundleMonster plates yet... I should at least take the plastic off and pretend like I use these plates to justify how many I have.

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milan and vanaily said...

I find fake plates get scraped more easily too! I have this one fake plate where I brought at this asian mall (which I thought it was real at the time) the plate itself worked find but my scraper didn't scrape properly. lol.

In the end i found a store that sold real konad stuff and went nuts. hehe

Kimberly said...

I have the MB and it was a steal. If I can find other, inexpensive plates, I'll get them too.

Okami no Miyavi said...

I recently got my first Konad plate, but I'm terrible at using it. D: For some reason, whenever I scrape off the polish most of it comes away, even from the stencil part itself. Is it because I'm using the wrong kinds of polish? I don't have any Konad polishes though--are there any other kinds that work well?

Dany16 said...

Okami no Miyavi

check this out

Michaela said...

so a quick question.. can i purchase just the konad stamper and scraper from amazon and then can use that w/ whatever types of plates i find, whether it's bundle monster or w/e? it's like $5 on compared to any kind of set w/ polish and a plate and the stamper/scraper from OC nail art

sorry if its a dumb or extensive question but i am unemployed and straight out of college and trying to spend money wisely on nail polish things haha

if you can either reply back here or email me at mls11487 at gmail dot com that'd be great!

clackla's review said...

love the plate b24!! i was wondering what does the chinese ideogram mean!

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