Friday, May 28, 2010

Perfectly Pink - OPI Japanese Rose Garden

This season I've been really into three kinds of polishes - metallics, corals and pinks. I'll be showing you some more metallics soon (OPI Dazzled by Gold! Hold on to your hats!), as well as two corals that might be working for me (can't wait to share those and get your opinions...I may have finally found "coral success")!!

I've got to tell you though...lately I've been in a full-tilt boogie pink phase! It's odd because I'm usually not a pink polish kinda girl (with the exception of light sheers). I think that pink is underestimated - it can be very exciting, dramatic and sexy, and like other colours, just as hard to find one that works for you. Just because there are so many pinks out there doesn't mean you've picked up the right one(s)! I think they are incredibly fickle when it comes to skin tone and this is probably why I've shied away from pink cremes in the past. I'm happy to say I think I have stumbled upon a medium pink that really works for me!

I present to you, OPI Japanese Rose Garden (in the "ugh-I-didn't-have-the-bottle-but-I-found-some-light-so-I'll-do-the-claw" pose):

It's not a straight creme - you can see in the bottle that is has a soft pearlescence to it - much like the pearlescence you find in OPI Puerto Vallarta Violeta - another spring favourite of mine! On the nail all you see is creme unless you look *realllllllllllyyy* closely. This is great because it means no danger of streaking whatsoever, yet the polish seems to glow. The colour is hard to explain - it's bright, yet demure; old-fashioned, yet fresh. It's a Barbie pink that keeps from being cloyingly sweet by having a tinge of mauve and grey to it. This usually a Grandma polish makes, but I think its working for me! (Correct me if I'm wrong please ladies.)

The odd/brilliant thing about this polish? In many ways, it reminds me of my mother's super-pigmented Chanel lipsticks - as if it was more pigment than polish! Result? Fabulous one-coater! I kid you not - a light(ish) colour in one coat. I have a separate shelf in my mind reserved for one-coaters and I reach for the ones on this shelf whenever I'm in a tornado-style rush. Japanese Rose Garden is on the roster!

So I'm not a seasoned pink girl - what do you ladies think? Are you into pinks this season or am I on my own? What's your 'perfect pink'?


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jaljen said...

No, I'm very pro-pink. This is beautiful. I've just got BB Couture Love Drunk and that is one hot foil-y pink. There are some outrageously good pinks out there.

kittytokaren said...

@jaljen - ooo speaking of foil-y pinks I recently acquired OPI Rosy Reflection!! I think its going to be awesome in the sun :)


jeaniebeanie said...

I have a tough time finding pinks that work for me too and I love this polish! It's my go to pink when I'm feeling extra girly.

Alison said...

This is sooo pretty! I've been eyeing this one myself for a while, I may have to try it.

My fave pinks are Essie Forget Me Nots and Chanel Marilyn (although I don't wear this often as I don't want to use it all up since I would never find it again!). I am also loving Chanel Riviera on my toes at the moment.

kittytokaren said...

@jeaniebeanie - Ah I'm so glad someone else likes this one!! It does feel girly - but not too kiddie! :)

@Alison - Ooo I think you'd love this one! Forget Me Nots is super pretty and I'm so jealous of your Chanels....I've been lemming Nouvelle Vague and Mistral all of a sudden :(


susies1955 said...

Love love love pink and love this. I skim over almost 500 blogs and don't have time to comment to all of course but when I see something that POPS out at me I have to take a closer look and this was one of those. :)
LOVE it, WANT it,

mzc1ark24 said...

LOVEEEEEEEEE that Color...

kittytokaren said...

@susies - I'm so flattered that this was one that made you click!! Thanks so much! And its a great colour :) (PS I recognize you from MUA - I'm kittyje11 on there!)

@mzc1ark24 - Thank you!! Btw is that you in the profile pic? If so you are so gorgeous!! Hope that isn't weird! :)


susies1955 said...

Well hi there Kittyje11. :) I don't go to MUA much anymore after the incident with them flagging me and removing my message for posting newbie nail blogs. I have a lot more time in my day now. :)

smALtY said...

I love pink polishes (not sheers) and this is very nice, glowing and being a one-coater!!

Kimberly said...

Pink rules!! Check me out...

I'm following you back cuz I want to see the creations you come up with on all those Fauxnad plates. :)

Alison said...

Mistral is pretty but I've only swatched it so far, I will have to do a full mani this week with it. I love NV! It is so pretty on.

I have OPI Rosey Reflection and had totally forgotten about it, it too is a stunning pink, I think you'll love it!

kittytokaren said...

@susies - I loved your blog digests!! I don't know what was wrong with that :(

@smalty - I love sheers but I have a hard time finding pinks that are opaque and work with my skin so I'm loving this one!!!

@Kimberly - I own zero Konad plates! You're thinking of flinty - she's been posting all of hers. :) Our blog is a group blog and multiple ladies post! I'm checking out your blog!

@Alison - Ahhhhhhh now I want NV more!!!


LizKS48 said...

I love pinks and just got the Japanese Rose Garden. I love OPI Aphrodite's Pink Nightie. It's my HG color polish. I looked for a color like this for years and finally found it! I'm hoping I like JRG just as much.

kittytokaren said...

@LizKS48 - I've heard great things about Aphrodite's Pink Nightie - I will have to check that out! Thanks! I hope JRG works for you too :)


Lissi said...

I love the name of "the claw" hand gesture. LOL!

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