Thursday, May 27, 2010

iHaul on vacation: the absolute best dusty hunt I've ever been on!

Exhausted. About to run out to dinner. Without a good light or a real camera so here are crappy pics of the labels. I hit at least 6 or 7 dusties today and paid between $5-8 for each. I'm so pleased! Dusty hunting is fun. I wish I lived near nail salons that are old enough to have old polish.

(I think that's Creme de Menthe. I was disappointed when I got it for $40 on eBay... but I had hunted it so long, I couldn't leave even an unlabelled, half full one for $5.)

Ruuuuby Slippers! It's true! Lemmings do find you eventually!

Yeah, late for dinner, gotta run!

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augusta said...

*gasps* st. martins mint!!!!!!!!!

Arrianne said...

I can never find any good dusties! You guys are so lucky!

Anonymous said...

omg!!! lucky you :O

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chickadee1066 said...

Cara Mia Crimson is hard to find? I have this one! I hate how nobody will ever talk about what OPIs are hard to find, for fear that the prices will be jacked up on eBay. How am I supposed to know if anything I have is valuable?

Anonymous said...

Well, I don't like to brag.. but I have bottles of Starry Starry Night! How much can that fetch?

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