Monday, May 3, 2010

FingerPaints swatches

Recently stopped into Sallys Beauty to check out the new FingerPaints colors. They have two displays in the store, one with a few blues, and another display of spring/summer colors. They also added numerous new colors to their core line. I didn't buy any of the spring/summer colors, but did pick up two from the blues collection and one from the core line. Would've gotten all of the new ones from the core line if I wasn't on a low buy... actually the only reason i bought any at all was because they were buy two get one free and I *think* some of the blues were limited edition. FingerPaints is definitely one of my favorite brands, why? The round bottle, the nice handle -- not too long, good brush, formula is consistent, and they aren't afraid to go outside the box in their colors! Only downside is that they are exclusive to Sallys Beauty, which isn't everyone's favorite place. But I would definitely stop in just for the FingerPaints! Here are the three I bought:

Blissfully Blue, shown here two coats. This is a really really pretty pastel blue, I don't have any pastel blues so I was blown away by this one with its ease of application. I just messed it up with the top coat.... used some random OPI top coat, just to get rid of it.

Easel-y Entertained, shown here with four coats. OK I really really loved this in the bottle, but as soon as I applied it and realized it wasn't a dense glitter, I was totally turned off by it. It's a blurple and silver glitter with a clear base. Perhaps a matching blurple base would make it GORGEOUS

And one more to show its blingy-ness. I mean, it is pretty.. but I hate that it's not a dense glitter, and is probably meant to be layered over something -- will have to try on another day. I really like the name too! My friend had picked this one out and said I HAD to get it for the name alone.

Sapphire Shimmer, shown here as four coats. Sapphire Shimmer is an aqua blue base which has small and smaller round holographic glitter in it.

Another shot blurred to show its holographic glitter. This is also another one that I absolutely loved in the bottle but then as soon as I applied it, my admiration for it disappeared. Why? It's really sheer and I couldn't get it to be the same blue as the bottle. But that is probably because my nails are stained neon orange. This would probably be really pretty if my nails weren't so horribly stained.

I will definitely give these glitters another chance as they are so pretty, I just need to find a way for them to work for me! All in all, these are really pretty and FingerPaints is doing a really good job at rolling out new and interesting colors. There are a bunch of other new shades that I didn't get a chance to pick up, but if you did -- let us know which ones and how you like them!

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Lolitadewdrop said...

I am in love with Blissfully Blue

Rebecca said...

Easel-y Entertained looks great in your swatch, it's a shame it's not dense :(

Anonymous said...

I have a list, I also purchased Blissfully Blue since it was a LE color, love it too!

Amethyst Atelier- LOVE. Dark blurple creme. If you missed OPI Sapphire in the Snow, and Orly Wild Wisteria, then pick up this.

Art you Blue?
My Art Belongs to You -probably my new fav pink
Guggen I'm Lime

and 3 more from the Summer Bright LE's
Love at First Bright
Orange You in Love? (pass, just a red-orange creme)
Passionate Purple

Overall I'm pleased! Love the new colors, and their formula is fantastic. I think Mays sale at Sally's is Buy 3 Fingerpaints, get a free clutch wallet.. just a heads up to everyone :)

Thanks for the swatches!

Piff said...

Loving your nail length!

Unknown said...

I have blissfully blue, but I really like the new colors they added to their line-up especially Sapphire Shimmer...but I wish it was more opaque, I do not like to do more than 3 coats of anything!!

ABOP Laquerlove said...

I'm trying to keep myself from getting blissfully blue... you're not helping! So pretty!

Jo said...

I especially love Blissfully Blue! It's the perfect baby blue colour : )

cidell said...

I could not love Blissfully Blue any more!

Unknown said...

Never heard of this brand!
I'm in love with the Blissfully Blue color!

ShortAndSweetNails said...

Ok I got Blissfully Blue this weekend but I need to look for Easel-y Entertained. ASAP!!!
Great swatches. Thanks :)

Unknown said...

I think I will be looking into getting few finger paints now thanks! I have seen it around but haven't picked any up...thanks ~Patricia

Kara said...

I love love blissfully blue and easel-y entertained! Sheerness doesn't daunt me, but it looks like it would look good over something like Opi Sapphires in the Snow or a navy blue

Hello Adrienne said...

Thanks ladies!! I'm glad to hear that people other than me are enjoying Blissfully Blue!! I def encourage people to give this brand a try! I think Sallys is having a May promo for them too, so get there soon before they're all gone :)

Arrianne said...

I love your nails!

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