Friday, May 21, 2010

iHaul in the midmorning: @ Ross and an independent beauty supply

I haul almost instinctually these days: see a polish, buy it. That's so not good. Which is why I'm going to be selling in the vicinity of 300-400 polishes this summer (probably on nbmarketplace, but I'll let you all know when I do). It's all part of my reward for the end of the school year, which is now in sight. If only there wasn't several tons of work to do before then!

Speaking of which, I'll be announcing the winner of the survey giveaway either later today or tomorrow. You guys really helped me SO much, I am so grateful!

Anyway, my SO only works half a day on Friday so I'm meeting him for lunch. Nearby the lunch place is a Ross and a small beauty supply. ...I had to check 'em out and I'm so glad I did.

First, the beauty supply loot. I picked up some emery boards to bring on the trip since I don't want to risk breaking my glass nail file. I also picked up Gelous basecoat, which I had been hearing good things about on Nail Board:

(My NOTD is American Apparel Butter. The topcoat bubbled badly but the actual polish is incredible! Two coats...! A pale yellow pastel that's opaque in two coats! That's the dream! Didn't apply like butter per se but applied very well nonetheless.)

The beauty supply also had a rack of $5 OPIs. Now that our etailer advantage is gone, I'll be watching this rack closely in the future. This is OPI Bronzed to Perfection. The basecolor is the ugly pretty thing that I like lately but what really sold me was the gold shimmer and gold microglitter!

I rarely ever find anything good at this particular Ross but I struck lucky today. I don't LOVE Poshe but it's my "it's okay to mess up" topcoat: I use my bottles of Poshe for red nail polishes (which seems to be good at getting into topcoats and staining them pink) and glitters that need several layers of thick topcoat to even out. So when I saw it for $4, I decided to get it.

And then I saw these... Gimmicky, definitely, but I opened one of them up and it looked very smooth and pigmented... and smelled delicious!

I have high hopes for these. $4.

But then I came upon the real treasure:

Need some closeups? You got it!

Cotton Candy: looks super sheer and liquidy. Eh.

Mauvin' Metallic: sheer, frosty and thin. Not a great find.

Timely Rose, meh. But the last two was worth the $5 for the entire five set!

Silver Spells: big and small silver hex glitter plus small gold glitter in light gold jelly. It's all I can do right now to not layer it on my AA Butter mani!!


Vanishing Venus!! I never thought I'd find this. Dark purple with teal shimmer. :)

I also got some athletic socks but you guys don't need photos of that...

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chickadee1066 said...

My Gelous has a green top. I wonder if a blue top is a different formula?

yardsticks 4 lunatics said...

Oh, I LOVE the Nerds - I, too, buy for novelty factor (Playboy polishes - which are GR8!)

What I wouldn't give for those!


Audrey said...

Love me a cheap haul that's full of treasures!! Great haul!!

KarenD said...

Impressive haulage!

NY*NAIL*DIVA said...

ok..........u did goooood!

Crystal Polish said...

Ross is so much fun! I recently got a set of Maybelline Express Finish polishes there as well! :) Although, admittedly, I did not do as well as you did.

Rebecca said...

Nerds ahahaha! Genius!

Sandi said...

There are way too many wonderful polishes out there that I want to have to waste my time on OPI and their stupid games. Of course you can still find 'em cheap, filed serial numbers and all at places like Target and Amazon if you really want them. OPI isn't interested in taking on the big guys, they just want to put the little guys out of business if they can. Screw OPI and their delusions of grandeur.

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