Saturday, May 22, 2010

Stash photos: some Fauxnad plates

My collection of nail stamping plates is sad. Sad in that I have a ton but I rarely use them. That's how you know I have a "problem" (as opposed to a "hobby").

I wanted document my collection so I'll be devoting a couple of posts to this throughout the next couple of weeks: today, I have GCOCL plates and my lone Hot Topic fauxnad plate. (I also have some weird flower-shaped ones, some exact-dupe Fauxnads, a bunch from BundleMonster and, of course, real Konad plates... but those will have to wait for another day.)

Let's start out with my Hot Topic plate. I LOVE this plate and have it thanks to Evil Angel @ Black Nail Polish and Lip Gloss.
I love the skull-and-crossbones. And the stars, for that matter. But especially love the skull.

This one is unused and still has the protective plastic cover on. I bought a lot of the GCOCL plates in an eBay lot so a lot of these plates only have one or two designs I like. In this case, I really only like the flower surrounded by the four dots on each side at 7 o'clock (next to the dot of nail polish, which is there to indicate which one I should use first when I get around to using this plate).

Another unused plate! I keep on meaning to use it because I think the Hello Kitty stamp is hilarious. It's the reason I bought this lot of GCOCL plates! Just for the Hello Kitty. I even specially requested it when I got it off of eBay. I do like the grapes too, though.


Kind of an ugly, pointless plate for me. I may get use out of some of the flowers (and the vine at 8 o'clock) but... eh. I keep thinking maybe one day, I might want a mermaid on my nails...

One of my first Fauxnad plates... one that's actually used! Love the feet, cherries, frog and the rose. Haven't used the feet yet though. Saving that for a pedicure...

Hmm, that vine at 10 o'clock looks a lot like the vine in B01. I like these for the mirror-reflected flowers. For times when I need symmetry.

The dog's cute but I can't see ever using it really.

Another vaguely pointless plate for me. I guess I kind of like the flowers on this one (especially the rose at 8 o'clock and the simple pattern at 4 o'clock) but I'm kind of meh on this one... and though some people can pull off designs with the actual word "love" in them, I'm not one of those people.

I never understood the center pattern. It's not big enough to be a full-nail design and just looks strange. Any ideas on what that's supposed to be? I do like the two top flower patterns a lot though.

The middle pattern could be pretty on a single nail but I'd want to do two different colors for it -- and I am far from mastering stamping just one color even. The palm tree is so kitschy, I almost like it.

Obviously unused but has a few designs that I'd really like for semi-frenches (like two at the bottom -- I think those could look cute placed on the top of the nail).

This is sort of as generic as fauxnad plates go but I love this one. Sort of the quintessential girly flower plate for me. Really simple designs for the most part but I like them.

Seriously, the heck is that center stamp?? Vines? I'd swap or sell this plate in a minute except that I LOVE the shooting stars at 2 o'clock. I think it's adorable and have used it several times.

It's weird to me that I've used this plate. I don't actually like any of the designs on it. Must've been one I bought early on...


This is a plate I can see actually getting a bit of use out of. The lady bug is beyond cute (and the SO and I have a thing about ladybugs), the stars in the center would look wonderful in holo... dunno that I'd ever use the dolphin or scorpion though.

I wish I could choose which designs could go on which plate. I feel like for so many of these plates, I only like, at most, three designs. It seems like such a waste to keep a whole plate just for a single design, no?

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yardsticks 4 lunatics said...

I have them all, too....and the mermaid is darling stamped in white over some really pretty blue - I have an example on my blog. I only used her on my thumb, though - tried to do a gradient with Claire's Chunky Blue.


KarenD said...

Can't wait to see more of your plates--you've got some great designs!

KrisInPhilly said...

Cute! Those small full nail designs are big enough for my nails. I guess I have small nails! I need to start stamping more often.

Lolitadewdrop said...

W0w!! You have so many Konad plates! I am rather envious.

Anonymous said...

these are awesome. i really want them, they look very detailed!

ThRiSzHa said...

those are great plates!!!

Sandi said...

I think the dolphin is a seal bouncing a beach ball on his nose.

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