Saturday, May 1, 2010

Misa Total Eclipse of the Heart (Spring 2010)

Got this one from Head2ToeBeauty a couple of weeks back. It was sort of a weird experience (the polish, not H2T, who shipped mighty speedily).

Misa Total Eclipse of the Heart
This is from one of their Spring 2010 lines (there are three apparently?). So... yeah... dusty medium purple creme. Except it applied almost jelly-like... which would be "gloopy" but it evened itself out on the nail. I don't know what happened. It looked like I was headed for a terrible application with the second coat sweeping the first off... but then it kinda just settled down evenly. Surprising. Weird. This is not what I was expecting at all since Misa usually have these lovely dense pigmented cremes that apply "like buttah" (as they say on NB).

I also tried out a bunch of the Mardi Gras collection polishes and overall, they were pretty bad. The yellow and green were actually gloopy and pretty sheer... and didn't do the magically settling down trick that this polish did. Very disappointed in Misa. :(

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dissertation said...

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Rebecca said...

I love the song Total Eclipse of the Heart haha.

R3Beauty said...

I hate when I put money down on polishes that I hate! Sorry to hear about these. I don't actually own any Misa yet - but I am loving the purple. But it seems dupable. What do you think - dupe to anything?

Erudio Ergo Sum said...

There is something so weird about that color! Hmmm... the only Misa I own is DSM, which applies pretty nicely, but I think I have some ChG polishes that apply similarly to what you described. Sorry the Misas didn't reall work out!

Cali369 said...

This one's pretty - shame about the others...

ZORAFI said...


Adrienne said...

very disappointed to hear this, esp since it's Misa!

flinty said...

@dissertation: you're obviously a spammer. And one who is doing something that I have no respect for. I would prefer someone spamming for viagra to you. :P

@rebecca: it was stuck in my head the day I posted this too. :)

@R3: I'm not sure if I have a good dupe to it. I will have to look.

@erudio: DSM is lovely and is more typical Misa quality. I think I know what you mean that something is weird about the color. I can't place it though. It's almost satiny... and seems like it should glow in the dark or something.

@cali: yep, pretty disappointing.

@zorafi: ...why did this entry attract more randomness than usual?

@adrienne: I know!!

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