Friday, April 30, 2010

Some Eyeko swatches: Cosmic, Indigo and Lilac

These swatches are pretty old. When I took these, I had just built my lightbox and had not quite figured out 1. how to use it and 2. when to use it. So these aren't as color accurate as I'd normally like them to be.

A few words on Eyeko. Worst customer service ever the first time I ordered from them -- I think I must've emailed them over half a dozen times after my package didn't show up after two months -- and then two of the polishes I had ordered broke in transit (because they were not well packaged AT ALL). But then they made it up by sending me a couple of replacements in a decent amount of time. then I ordered again because they are actually pretty nice polishes in super cute bottles. It took several weeks (not great but not bad for the UK) but all polishes came intact so... not complaining too much.

Eyeko Lilac Polish (for Lovely Nails)

Very pretty, glossy lilac creme. Two or three coats, I can't remember. I do remember it went on very smoothly though and was just lovely.

Eyeko Indigo Polish

Two coats, dark blue jelly with lighter blue shimmer. Simple idea, nice execution. Not the best example of this sort of color/shimmer combination that I've ever seen but it's very decent.

Eyeko Cosmic Polish (for Space Age Nails)

This one was AWESOME. Usually, black jellies with holo glitter are pretty gritty and bumpy looking but this one had really gorgeous glitter and it went on SO SMOOTH and GLOSSY. Two coats. It's probably my favorite black jelly/holo glitter combos out there.

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cidell said...

I like their colors and spent a good deal of time tracking down the mint green Vintage a few months ago. But, I had the worst run from them on service. I ordered two sets from them last year. Neither showed up after two months. I had to call and email repeatedly for about a month before they would ship again. When they arrived, just one set came. It wasn't worth fighting them for a refund or a second set. So, while I love thier packaging and the colors are pretty, I don't know that I would bother again.

jaljen said...

I'm in the UK and have never had problems with them. Far from it.
I love their polishes and have the the new set with a Particuliere "dupe".
They are great value, strongly pigmented, cute bottles and on-trend colours. Plus I had a freebie in my last order.
Lots of appreciation from me.

Rebecca said...

Cosmic Polish = DROOL

Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes said...

These are very nice. I might have to consider a future order.

flinty said...

@cidell: I'm a sucker and gave into them again. Because... I'm a sucker. :)

@jaljen: you're so lucky you have had good CS experiences with them.

@rebecca: it really is drool-worthy. I wish my pics were better.

@lacquerware: as long as you are okay with a moderate wait, they are worth it. I wish they still had free shipping on any order though!!

mKat said...

LOL I am probably the only person making use of the LinkWithin links I added... but I'm seeing lots of stuff I haven't seen before and/or forgot I'd seen. :P That lilac is to die for! SOOOO pretty!

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