Thursday, April 29, 2010

DazzleDry NOTDs: Sahara, Citrus Streak, Evening Song

DazzleDry's ad challenges women to rustle around in their purse a couple of minutes after they finish applying their polish... they ain't kidding around. This stuff dries fast! I LOVE how fast it dries but I wish I liked the actual polishes too.

These were sent to me by DazzleDry's PR representative along with their nail primer, basecoat and topcoat. All of these manis were done using the basecoat and topcoat. Though these polishes DO dry FAST, the illusion of it is helped along by the very careful instructions the basecoat and topcoat have: you are always supposed to wait a minute or two between coats of each. This, of course, makes the final dry time slightly shorter (though it lengthens the application time). Since I have no patience, I just applied everything without any break between coats... but it still dried in record time. Really impressive.

Dazzle Dry Citrus Streak

Vibrant tangerine creme that's just a little bit short of neon. This is three coats: it was a little bit streaky going on and needed an extra coat to even it out. While fast to dry, it dried kind of satiny and dull, which was not helped too much by the DD topcoat (which is glossy but not REALLY glossy). About seven minutes dry time to full dryness.

DazzleDry Evening Song

I don't know why this mani is so messy. The topcoat bubbled a bit on me unfortunately, which ruined the finish... and then I put on lotion and put away some felt squares. THEN took a pic. Dumb dumb dumb! Do you see the pretty light blue (almost teal-ish) shimmer in the bottle? It really doesn't show up on the nail. Again, it dries dull but it remained dull even when I put Diamont on it. Application was flawless though: two coats, gorgeously pigmented. Between seven and ten minutes to fully dry.

DazzleDry Sahara

This has not won a place in my Yellows-That-Don't-Make-Me-Wanna-Die list. Four coats to even out the streakiness and dried matte-ish and dull (the matte thing is probably related to the fact they dry so quickly). Very pretty basic yellow creme but the application was tedious. Nevertheless, it dried completely in less than ten minutes so I don't have huge cause for complaint.

For a few days there, these were my go-to polishes for when I didn't have time to do my nails but couldn't stand the mani I had on: their drying speed made me wish all polishes would dry that fast. But unfortunately, I don't like the look of them that much. Which kills me. It makes me want to buy all of them just to find, like, two that actually look nice on me because then I'd probably be wearing them all the time -- it's so seductive to be able to apply a polish and have it be totally, undentably dry in ten minutes.

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R3Beauty said...

I also received some Dazzle Dry for review a few months ago. I received totally different colors than you did. I liked the colors I received and they applied well. However the Top coat blew me away! I use it with other brands now all the time. For $13 it is a bit expensive - but it dries the polish so fast! I can be out the door in 5 minutes. I have actually changed my polish in situations where I wouldn't have dreamed of doing a manicure before because of dry time and my manicure dried! The stuff is amazing!

yardsticks 4 lunatics said...

I only received one polish (they sent me to review, also) and it was a sugary light pink creme - it behaved VERY well....Maybe I'll try another one, just to see what I find out...


Nikki Warner said...

Nice! Like the yellow! I'm having a giveaway if you're interested!

flinty said...

@R3: I know! The speed is incredible! I just wish I liked the actual polish better.

@yardsticks: maybe it's just the three I tried... definitely try more and let us know. :)

@nikki: good luck for your first giveaway!

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