Monday, May 31, 2010

Old NOTD: Nicole In Your Hands

I absolutely adored this polish. About a year ago, I bought Lippmann Rehab and was very disappointed that even though the color was magnificent (a dark, slightly dusty blue jelly), it was so sheer. I built it up to four or five coats before I realized that it was never going to be opaque. I ended up swapping that one away and forgot about it... until now. (Or rather, two months ago when I had this NOTD.)

Nicole In Your Hands

This is what I wanted Rehab to be: dark, blue, squishy, lovely. Three coats to get rid of VNL but yet it retains a jelly goodness. I dislike Nicole bottles and so I rarely buy their polishes but I couldn't resist this one when I saw it in the two-pack at Marshall's for $5 (or something like that). It sat in my untrieds for about five months! I kept on looking at it, picking it up to try and then putting it back. Finally, I tried it and it applied beautifully and I wore it for three days (which is a long time for me). With Nail Life Gripper basecoat and Diamont topcoat, all I got was a tiny bit of shrinkage in the beginning but otherwise, it remained nearly perfect until I got bored of it on Day 3. (I do attribute the longevity of the manicure to Nail Life Gripper though. It's held up very well using a variety of polishes. Or rather, it held a variety of polishes to my fingers very well.)

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Sarah said...

Ooh! I have this in my to-wear box! I'm happy to have stumbled on this swatch. :) I think come fall/winter I will be giving this a try. It is so pretty.

gildedangel said...

That is such a pretty color!

Jackie S. said...

Very nice blue!

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