Monday, May 3, 2010

A pick-me-up polish! OPI DS Glow

I was trying to wait for a really sunny day to show this polish off to its full potential, but it looks like its going to be overcast and stormy for a while, and I am in the mood to change my mani! So here are some pics I took of OPI DS Glow on a semi-sunny day.

This one is probably the closest to how it appears in reality:

Looking a lot more dull and pulling way orange in this terrible lighting:

Side shot to capture some of that delicious shimmer:

This polish really helped to cheer me up! On me it's a cross between a copper foil, gold foil and lots of shimmer thrown in. The shimmer makes it really multi-dimensional - it seems to be made up of gold, red and copper shimmer particles. Now this may look like a glitter, but it isn't! (Read: it is way easier to remove!) I can never seem to pull off golds, but somehow this copper-ish hue really works with my skin tone - better in reality than in the pictures. I think it might be because the colour is deeper and richer than most golds that I've tried. Normally I wouldn't be able to pull off something so outrageously sparkly, but I think since it is in a neutral colour and goes with everything from black to turquoise, I can handle it.

Oh and once again - the DS formula is amazing. So easy to apply, and there is something just so special and unique about these polishes. I know, I know - many were disappointed that the two newest additions to the DS series were not holo, but I happen to love these the most! (You will probably be seeing DS Glow's partner-in-crime DS Mystery soon!)

Looking down at my hands as this beautiful polish flashed at me while I furiously typed my thesis proposal gave me a little bit of a much-needed pick-me-up! (And thank you for everyone who lent me kind words of support in this endeavor!)

What is your favourite polish when you need a boost??


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NY*NAIL*DIVA said...

LOVE it! Great color for any shade.

Unknown said...

I keep debating on picking this one up. I can't believe I am going to say this, but I had a 20% off coupon to Trade Secrets and I kept looking at the polishes including this one and I still didn't grab a single one and now my coupon has expired. I guess my wallet thanks me!

Caitlin said...

This is so bliggy, I lovve it xo

Alison said...

I love this colour on you! So pretty!

Congrats on pushing through the mental block, I know how hard it is to do that, especially when it's the last thing you want to do! It's all worth it in the end!

I think my favourite polish for when I need a boost is probably Chanel Kaleidoscope (although it's supreme prettiness can be distracting, especially when trying to type!)

Anonymous said...

My pick-me up polish is one I picked up at a clearance rack that has no label and no name. LOL But when applied (with only 2 coats to lovely opaqueness) it is the same color purple as Barney the dinosaur. In fact that's what I call it when I'm looking for it, "Has anyone seen my Barney?" LOL :o)

kittytokaren said...

@NYNAILDIVA - thank you! I think it really works!

@R3 - hey I do that stuff all the time..if i dont love love love a polish, its not coming home with me! But I do recommend this one. :)

@Caitlin - Thanks :) and it is blingy!

@Alison - Thank you friend...the even harder part begins now. Having my boss rip it to shreds. Normally I'm fine with people editing my writing but I'm just not in any sort of emotional state for it. I also have to start doing my powerpoint and studying like mad!!! But I think I may have gotten over the hump.....

I've never seen Kaleidoscope in person!

@Mischa - heheehe i love this!!!! "Your Barney"...heh :P Thanks for the giggle!!


Bunny Masseuse said...

"I know, I know - many were disappointed that the two newest additions to the DS series were not holo, but I happen to love these the most!"
That's what disappoints me the most, I always thought of the DS series as mostly holo, with a bit of super glitter polishes of the same color variety.

I was upset they were not holo, but got them none the less, since I do collect ALL DS polishes made. Opi, you make me cry.

Rebecca said...

I love the first picture! This polish is stunning. I like bright pinks and corals to cheer me up!

kittytokaren said...

@Bunny Masseuse - You are so not alone!! Everyone I've talked to has said something to the effect of "Bleh im so mad they aren't holo"! Wow you have all the DS polishes?? I so want to come play at your house!!

@Rebecca - The first pic is really how it looks in real life!! I'm a bit exhausted with corals because of my difficulty in finding the right one but I think I have it!!!! Stay tuned :)


Unknown said...

Great color, I really like Metallics! My boost color now is any holographic polish, its so nice to see the effect on your hands, it puts an instant smile on my face!

Alison said...

Hi friend! You've never seen Kaleidoscope in person! You are seriously missing out. I swatched it at a counter (they had sold out though). I spent the entire day staring at it's insane beauty in the sunlight and vowed to hunt it down. I was lucky enough to get one eventually.

I guess the only place to find it now would be MUA swap or evilbay.

I hope your thesis proposal goes well and good luck with all the studying and powerpoint (that was the bit I hated most, I am not good with public speaking!)

What is your thesis about?

kittytokaren said...

@Alison - Hey there! I've kind of given up on my Kaleidoscope search....I'm not willing to pay $30 on the bay of eVil and no one seems to want to swap no matter what I do. I got Dior Silver Pearl recently so thats fulfilling my silver need for the moment!

If you happen to see one in the street looking for a know where to point it!!

Ugh my proposal...I am struggling. My thesis is on this novel mutant I found and how understanding how it functions could help cure 1/4 of all human genetic diseases. Really light stuff.

Much love,

Alison said...

Wow! It makes my masters dissertation sound like something a child could have written! It was a critical review of the qualitative literature surrounding the importance of the role of the family in preventing childhood obesity.

Yours sounds so interesting, Lol at really light stuff! Keep me updated on how you're progressing I'd be interested to hear more about it!

Sandi said...

Rodeo Fanatic. I get lost in the calming bluegreen-ness of it.

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