Friday, May 7, 2010

Possibly last OPI haul from TransDesign

Mail call!! As usual, excuse the iPhone pics; they're all I have time for right now.

These are all ones I've wanted but never had sufficient reason to buy... until I thought I couldn't buy them for cheap anymore!

About half of the OPI bottles I have from TD have the serial numbers, half have them scratched off... why half and half?

Alpine Snow Matte, Bare It In Trafalgar Square, Black Cherry Chutney, Bling Dynasty, Brights Power, Chocolate Moose (I'm dumb but it cracks me up.)

DS Glow, Espresso Your Style, Fair Dinkum Pinkum (don't understand the name...), Give Me the Moon, I'm Fondue of You, In My Back Pocket.

Man of La Mancha, Mod About You, Mrs O'Leary's BBQ, No Room for the Blues, Suzi Says Feng Shui, Up Front and Personal.

Really, I'm writing my paper.

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JustMe said...

My last OPI Haul from TD was last week :o)

Lily nail said...

a lot if people said it 's because TD haven't any contract with opi and anyone know where they come from , so they certainly buy Opi illegaly and for don't have any probleme they scratched off the serial number , but idon't know if it's true !

aaminahs mom said...

im with you on that with td i never really noticed until i read the lawsuit. should we care how they get it i think it was an inside job or else why are they afraid to get traced back , also nailpolish divas bottles are defaced too, im gonna really miss the prices. which were right up my alley :). i mentioned that and one of( pop) your bloggers said the did't use etailers wtf!!!!

Karin said...

Up, Front and Personal is so beautiful and my first OPI ever! :)

kittytokaren said...

wooohooo! 3 cheers for OPI DS Glow!

Ms Meghan said...

aaah that sucks so hard about td, that was my source for opi online!!!

Piff said...

Flintyyyyyy!!! Chocolate Moose - Could you guess if that color was my "mannequin hand"? I tried Java Mauve-a and it was a big fail. Too red. I'm yellow.

Allison said...

Fair Dinkum Pinkum is my favorite polish name from the Australia collection. Fair Dinkum is slang for fair or true. I thing it's cute. But currently the bottle is missing in my mom's bedroom.

I love Bare It In Trafalgar Square too.

Amy said...

Have you had any problem with the Trans design site? Because I tried to place an order, but it said my connection with the site was untrusted.

flinty said...

@aaminahsmom: I think I know who you're talking about. She tries to keep a small stash. :)

@karin: it looks really pretty in the bottle. Is it sheer though?

@k2k: I know, I got super excited after your post!

@msmeghan: sucks that every other etailer follow suit!

@piff: Chocolate Moose looks kind of pinker to me than yellow. :(

@allison: Ahh!! That makes sense, thanks!

@amy: it has weird issues with the certificate. I've never been burned by it though.

scarlettholly said...

aaah!! first the essie price hike and now no more OPI? I used to do a transdesign haul every month. Now there's nothing!?!? and where am I going to get reasonably price polish. sad sad times.

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