Friday, May 7, 2010

NOTD: FingerPaints Sketch N Etch (with fauxnad!)

A midday post because you guys asked for a swatch of Sketch N Etch yesterday and I had a few free minutes. :)

FingerPaints Sketch N Etch
Look at the lovely glowing greenness! Forest green with lighter green shimmer. Three thin coats; could possibly pass at two thick coats. Said to be a close dupe to Essie Dominica Green but I don't have DG... and I'm ashamed to say it but when I saw comparison photos of those two polishes on NB, I couldn't really tell the difference. (I know! I die of shame.) I never lemmed DG -- and I'm not in I-must-have-you-now love with this polish -- but that's because I'm not a dark green shimmer type. (Love all sorts of green cremes. It's harder for me to find green shimmers I love.)

And because I got my BundleMonster fauxnad plates (all 21 of them) in the mail yesterday, I had to fauxnad over the mani.

FingerPaints Sketch N Etch with Orly Shine fauxnad (#BM19)
Shine makes for a cool stamping polish. Not the most well-defined patterns but they really pop because of the foil-y-ness. A word about the BM plates: they are SO cute but the full nail designs are smaller than other fauxnads/konads. Usually when I do full nail stamps, I have a TON of cleanup to do because the stamp gets all over my fingers (which is fine, it actually gives me more flexibility in application). These, I had to line them up just right so that my entire nail would be covered. And I have small nails. Small like "the OPI Pro-Wide brush and the Sally Hansen wide brush would be slathering nail polish all over my cuticles if I didn't paint in a perfectly straight line down the nail". These designs made my nails feel huge and long because I had to be so careful to cover the entire nail. That being said, I love the designs and it was totally worth $18 for the 21 plates from Amazon (with free shipping). There are maybe one or two repeat designs in the whole lot of them. And they're not like the GCOCL plates which seem to recycle similar looking designs across a lot of different plates. (I'm planning to do some stash photos of my stamping plates in June. After the BundleMonster acquisition, I find myself the surprised owner of 66 stamping plates! Mostly fauxnad. Insane, huh?)

I hope to get a good chunk of writing done today. I NEED to get a good chunk of writing done today.

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Caitlin said...

I love this shade, and the fauxnad really looks great with it. I'm thinking about hitting up sally's later :)

Piff said...

Flint - I said this on MUA but that green is just PERFECTION on you

Blanka said...

i am on fauxnad spree,too :D
but i just bought two today :)
i like that orly polish by itself, try stamping green on it :)

Steffie said...

This is really beautiful. Love the fauxnad

ShortAndSweetNails said...

I love this look.
I just got those plates too and I'm anxious to play with them.

Anonymous said...

omg! that is one gorgeous green shade! perfect emerald!

flinty said...

@caitlin: thanks! I love the FP line.

@Piff: thanks hon! :D

@blanka: that's a good idea, I'll try it sometime. :)

@shortandsweet: they're so much fun. I'm glad I got them, even if the patterns are a bit small.

@mischa & steffie: thanks!

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