Friday, May 7, 2010

Essie Resort (Summer 2010) swatches

I'm loving the small Essie collections, like North Fork last summer and the holiday collection that had Mint Candy Apple. There's something very elegant about them.

Essie Lapis of Luxury

The color is a little more vivid IRL and a tad more dusty than show above. A little bit on the thin and hard-to-control side when applying but was still a gorgeous cornflower creme that was opaque and glossy at three coats.

Essie Playa del Platinum

This was my favorite polish of the collection, oddly enough. It's just such a rare nail polish color, this grey sandy beige, a sandy greige. And I LOVED the application: very smooth and it could've been fine at two coats but I put a third on anyway. It's nothing like the rest of the collection but it reminds me of the color of wet sand, which is perfect for a collection named "Resort".

Essie Splash of Grenadine

So not a fan of purplish pinks but I really liked this one. Two coats, extremely easy to apply. All the polishes in this collection have such a nice glossy finish. :)

Essie Turquoise and Caicos

I thought I'd like this one the best but it turned out to be the biggest disappointment for me. The color is lovely - a seafoam-greenish turquoise -- but the application was a pain. Not opaque by three coats (even though the rest of the polishes in the collection were) and cuticle drag! Hate cuticle drag. But I have to admit that the relative sheerness of the polish is kind of nice: it looks kinda watery and dreamy.

Honestly, the only must-have for me in this collection is Playa del Platinum because I have so few other polishes like it. But it makes such a nice compact little foursome all together and as a collector, I love having all four. Even if it did cost me retail (ouch). (Really, this trend of mine of buying whole collections because they look good together... it has to stop.) :P I do wish this wasn't just a collection of cremes though: some subtle shimmer in these would've been gorgeous, imo.

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mKat said...

That beigey-grey-creme is really pretty! I don't even mind the blue that much. I think lighter skinned girls can rock these colors well. Looks great on you.

Grace said...

Ugh, had a whole comment written and it disappeared! In short: I got the mini set for $10 for both this collection and the art of spring and will definitely continue to do this with the Essies. I'll probably pick up a full size version of Playa del Platinum now, but the rest I don't really NEED a bigger bottle of.

ShortAndSweetNails said...

I need Play del Platinum.

scarlettholly said...

full retail is painful!! i need to find a new e-tailer that I can score opi and essie at reasonable prices at. This collection is sooo beautiful. I think I'll pick up the mini-set and go from there...

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