Thursday, May 6, 2010

MFVMPJ: My favourite version of OPI My Private Jet!

You know the story: There are approximately 4 versions of OPI My Private Jet out in the wild. Most ladies are trying to scrounge up the original version - it was super holographic and a deep charcoal. Subsequent versions have ranged from weaker versions of this to 'wow-that's-not-even-close', which has frustrated so many people.

I am not one of those ladies! The version that I happen love the most is one of the 'dud' versions - the so called 'non-holo teal flash' version. It is a charcoal/eggplant base (its pulling a little brown in these pics as it does in the bottle - but in reality it looks like deep eggplant) with speckly rainbow shimmer that borders on holo in the bright bright sun but is much more demure than a true holo. You can see a strong teal flash in the bottle, but the light has to be *just* right to see it on the nail.

I just adore it. I think of it as original MPJ's more demure cousin.

The rainbow shimmers are more easily seen in real life:

Classic pose, had to be done:

Bottle pic - see the teal flash??:

Bottle pic of another dud version - the 'weak brown holo' version. (And my OPI Jade is the New Black thumb...) It's hard to see in this pic, but the flash on this is more bronze/brown. I really prefer the charcoal/purple rather than brown base :

On another fabulous note, this is day 4 of my mani - yep! I owe this to Essie shine-e - a manicure extender in the same vein as Barielle's. It wards off tipwear and chipping and makes everything look shiny and new...(like a virgin...). And makes it so that during the chaos that is my life right now I don't have to worry about my mani.

I've been working my butt off on this thesis proposal (which is now done and handed out) and now I have to get a powerpoint ready to do a mock talk tomorrow for my qualifying exams - the real deal is Tuesday. I could really use the good joojoo from my nail friends!

So anyways - what is your fav version of MPJ?

I hope all of you lovely readers are doing well!


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Jackie S. said...

I LOVE the fact that YOU love this version, stick to your guns, its beautiful on your hands!
My fav. version is the only one...LOL, its the first of the "green labels"...deep charcoal, lots of holo!!!

mKat said...

I don't have a favourite version (as you already know) LOL... but I love how this looks on you. Jade Is The New Black looks stunning on you too...and that Essie product is really earning its name.

Anonymous said...

I only have the dud version...Non-holo, no teal flash, brownish...I ordered online so it was a toss-up to see which version I would get. It's not bad, I enjoy the small holo glitter, but I would love the real thing, or its eggplant cousin! I love purples, so even that would be a treat for me. Love the bottle picks especially, that looks gorgeous.

mKat said...

P.S. You will rock your talk!!

Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes said...

I think this is gorgeous and every polish deserves some love!

aaminahs mom said...

i 've seen all of them on different blogs and i happen to like them all it really pisses me off when a company changes up like that leaving so many versions/variations- madison ave marketing i guess all about them dollars.

Apriltini said...

I really like the eggplant version. Taken on its own, it's very pretty.

Audrey said...

I STILL WANT THE HOLO!! I am so with you Jackie S.!!

I digress....this really does look lovely on you - I'm glad if found a happy home!! :-)

kittytokaren said...

@Jackie S - Exactly!!! I figure if "I* love it then thats whats important. I would like to try the original, but im not that big into holos so im not sure it would be worth shelling out the $$$ or the effort to hunt it down. Is it worth it??

@mKat - seriously Essie shine-e is the unsung hero of my polish arsenal! And thanks - JitNB always reminds me of my mom now and I needed some maternal emotional support when I wore it! Also, I'm terrified.

@LacquerMuse - I don't even think that version is the dud version!! That has a stronger holo than this one, so it just depends on what you like...knowing you like purples though, I think you'd love this one! :)

@LWfTaT - This one gets a lot of love from me!

@aaminahs mom - It bugs me that they are all so different too! For example when I run out of this (which I probably will) how am I going to stock up!!?!

@Apriltini - I think if people were unaware that it was "supposed" to be like the original and had a different name, people would be cuckoo for cocoa puffs (Denny Craine...) for this one!

@Audrey - I know you do!! Haha!! My eyes are peeled for you my friend :) And it is at a home where it is incredibly loved!!!


mKat said...

@Kitty.... we are all terrified of these things. (Believe me... I am still getting over last month's trauma...) But we do, we grow, we learn. And remember, your committee is there to support you and help you earn your degree.

You. Will. Rock.

(And in a few months from now, you will give me the same speech.)


kittytokaren said...

@mKat - Well. Most of my committee is there to support me. Except my boss. He wants me out. Which makes the whole qualifying exams thing feel pretty hopeless, desperate and pointless. I seriously only have an outside shot at passing and I'm not being dramatic. Me = worst grad student ever.

But I will still give you that speech in a few months. ;)


R3Beauty said...

I think this is the one I have too. I love it - but wish it had some holo to it. I was thinking of adding some holo polish to it to give it a kick. We'll see.

Faith J. said...

Does Essie shine-e only work on extending Essie colors and topcoats?

Get Nailed said...

I just got the brown teal flash version, and I think it's SO much more awesome than the holo version! There's a couple dupes for the holo one, but the teal flash is totally unique.

kittytokaren said...

@R3Beauty - I'd be very curious to see the results of that experiment!

@Faith J - Yes - like in the mani pictured I'm using it over OPI polish and Seche Vite topcoat.

@Get Nailed - Wooohooo another lover of the MPJ red-headed stepchild! You're right - no dupes for this baby!!


Alison said...

I'm not surprised you love this version it looks perfect on your nails, I'll have to try the Essie Shine-E (must be one of the only Essie things I haven't tried!

I'm sending good luck vibes to you for your talk, I hope it all goes well!

Arrianne said...

The original, hands down is my favorite.

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