Thursday, May 6, 2010

iHaul from Sally's

I found out yesterday that in addition to everything else I have to get done before I leave for Boson on the 26th, I have to turn in my second year paper. I actually did cry from sheer frustration last night. And screamed. A little bit.

So I will not get to swatch these new FingerPaints until June.

I love FPs so when I saw they were coming out with a ton of new core colors, I just freaked out and ordered a bunch during the B2G1 sale. 18 in total!! But when I received the package today, no Sapphire Shimmer in sight! It was one of the ones I was looking forward to. It looks like they cancelled that one... So confused, but I seriously don't have time to deal with it if they haven't charged me for it.

Some quick pics of my new FPs!
From L to R: Sketch n Etch (a supposed Essie Dominica Green dupe), Sketch-y (looks like a dull version of OPI Holiday Glow), Tangerine Tint, Tough Art to Follow, and Wicked Glitter (which is a mix of Sally Hansen Rockstar Pink and OPI Mad as a Hatter).

Hue Rang (so pretty), Laugh My Art Off (may have two dupes for this one), Leonardo Da Vin-pink (bought it for the name...), Meet Me at the Met (ehhh), Romanticism Ruby (also ehhh) and Scenery Greenery.

Art Nouv-Yellow (shimmery yellow, wonder if it's any good), Cerulean Seascape, Easel-Y Entertained, Guggen I'm Lime, Holly-wood Frame (possibly ehh) and Hue Left a Message.

Now for a full day's work and then some. Maybe I'll change my mani to one of these tonight...

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Maia said...

Beware the formula on Hue Left a Message. You will need thinner. (But it's super pretty.)

jaljen said...

Can you do the Sketch n Etch soon, please? To see how dupe-ish it is. Thanks.

~Elizabeth aka Lacquered Lizard said...

I picked the necessary three to get the freebie wallet. Hue Left a Message was one of I'll watch for formula issues as mentioned by Maia.
I got Sapphire Shimmer but it was the last one in the store and I got Art Dealer Teal-er which looks to me to be a close enough dupe of Orly's Bailamos, I don't need that. The wallet is cute too!
Can't wait to see which one you choose. Best of luck with your paper and reaching all your deadlines.

aaminahs mom said...

i second the sketch and etch but since dominica green wont be returning i purchased that one too,hey be easy and do what you need to do at this time we got all summer smile

mKat said...

I want that green (Guggen I'm Lime). Oh my God.... it looks so pretty. I totally feel you re: things just "popping up". I am frustrated that I can't swatch or do any significant manis... and things never seem close to completion.

I just finished a meeting with my supervisor about half an hour ago...and ended up more stressed than ever. He even makes me doubt my self imposed deadlines. :s

Patricia said...

wow can't wait! I'm thinking I really need to start looking into fp and soon!

flinty said...

@Maia: thanks for the tip!

@jaljen & aaminahsmom: I was planning to do Sketch n Etch today as a mani but I can't do a comparison because I don't actually own Dominica Green.

@lacquered lizard: Thanks! Enjoy the FPs you got. And the wallet. :)

@mKat: I might have bought Guggen I'm Lime for the name too. I hope it's a nice opaque shimmer; it looks like it might end up brushstrokey though. We'll see..

@patricia: in my experience, FP is a very reliable brand in terms of application and has a really nice range of colors. Definitely worth a try.

Nail Designs xox said...

I LOVE Fingerpaints! I never have had any problem with them at all. They last so long :)

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