Thursday, May 6, 2010

OPI Shrek swatches, Part II of II

As promised, the second half of the OPI Shrek swatches. :)

OPI Funky Dunkey
An old NOTD. The name bothers me. Why not "Funky Dunky" or "Funkey Dunkey". I like consistency. Gorgeous dark (but vibrant) purple creme. (Excuse the finish in this photo: I just put on lotion, which is why it looks shiny and almost shimmery.) The application was not great at all: it was a bit too thick and refused to even out in three coats. Not pleased.

OPI Fiercely Fiona
This is one of my favorite yellows of late: it's buttery with a slight green cast, which makes it stand out in my rather extensive collection of yellow cremes. Good application for a yellow: the above shows three coats and it was perfectly glossy and smooth even without topcoat.

OPI Ogre the Top Blue

Great azure creme. I struggled with the application with this one: it was opaque in two coats but I think I got waaay too much polish on the brush for the second coat and it started dripping off my nail. (Basically, my fault.)

My feelings on this collection are mixed. On one hand, all of these have existing close dupes (and other bloggers, being more organized than myself, have showcased these) so you don't really need to buy any of them. On the other hand... I LOVE this as a whole collection. Together, they are just such gorgeously well-coordinated colors and they come as such a visually pleasing unit. Which is not a reason to pay retail for all six but if you can get them for below retail and are a hoarder/collector of nail polish, it's a "must have" as a collection.

If you have an extensive collection of nail polish already (and own some of the identified dupes), you don't need any of these. However, if you have too much nail polish and want to buy more, buy this entire set. ...weird advice, I know. But that's how I feel towards this collection.

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jaljen said...

This collection hasn't wowed me. Fiona is probably worth getting for the relative ease of application.
And you are so right about the naming convention of the top one! Either Funky Dunky or Funkey Dunkey. Not what they chose!

~Elizabeth aka Lacquered Lizard said...

I'm with Jaljen. No wowing happening here. And I'll put in my two-cents...why not Funky DOnkey??? since that's really what they're trying to say. I mean, come on!
OPI rarely wows me tho....

mKat said...

I agree with Elizabeth re: Donkey. I am okay with the words not matching up. :)

I have to admit that I bought the minis of this set partially because of you. Your swatches looked like a lot of fun and I don't have anything that looks like that green. OPI has yet to move me to pay retail though.

(And I am ashamed to admit I bought into the packaging hype...especially since I have NEVER bought a MAC product for its packaging. I'm going to tell myself I bought it for the green...and not for anything else.) :P

ANSTAH said...

I'm TOTALLY with you on the name. Some consistency would have been nice, or even what Elizabeth says, Funky Donkey might have been better. Who knows what OPI thinks of when they make the names, plus if I make that much money from selling nail polish, hell. I'm going to name things whatever I feel like too! LOL

~Nailstah (

Jo said...

I need to get my hands on Fiercely Fiona! I really like that shade.

flinty said...

@jaljen: I love this collection as a whole BUT I don't really see the point of owning most of them individually. It's weird! I definitely think Fiona is worth it though.

@lacquered lizard: OPI has some great polishes... but most don't really grab me. It's still one of the most common brands in my stash, because it was one of the first brands I started collecting.

@mKat: They are a lot of fun! If you don't have the colors, it's a nice collex. OPI mini brushes are hell for me though.

@anstah: Sounds like a nice occupation: nail polish namer. :)

@Jo: I can't decide whether I like Fiona or Shrek better. The nail polish. I haven't seen any Shrek movie for about ten years.

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