Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A really quick haul post...

Hey guys...

I haven't really been around in a while (though I do try to comment when I can) and aside from yesterday's "unrelated to polish" question, I don't feel I've been participating enough to call myself a blogger. I really, really can't wait til the semester is done (not simply because I would like to have time to blog again)... I feel I am well and truly sick of this year. :P

Anyway I just wanted to post a quick haul. The ladies of this blog (as well as several of our readers) have encouraged me to branch out from my usual China Glaze and so I have, as you'll see below. But there will always be room for my beloved China Glaze. :P

Pics courtesy of my Google Nexus One. (Yes, I have become "that" girl.) :s

OPI Shrek Minis
(What's With the Cattitude?; Fiercely Fiona; Rumple's Wigglin' and Who The Shrek Are You?)

Since Flinty has been awesome enough to provide you with some great swatches, (and inspire me to pick this up!) I won't have to do the honors. My only regret is that I didn't grab "Ogre The Top Blue". Still, I own no full bottles of OPI - yet. (And I'm not sure that I will if I can't buy it at a discount!) I couldn't pass up that green though. "Oh Em Gee!"

A plethora of Color Club blues. This explains why I am still on the hunt for the perfect green... all I buy is blue. :P

I happened, unknowingly, to throw in ChG's Towel Boy Toy during this haul and was surprised upon opening the package by how close these colors are in-bottle. Fellow blogger Nihrida has a great comparison of this and CC's Pure Energy, if you're interested.

 (Chelsea Girl; Emerald Depths; Sexy Siren; Pure Energy and Factory Girl)

Staples! (Well, Revvvolution is, anyway.)

I can never get over how awesome Revvvolution is in pictures. EVERYBODY who has ever posted a shot of this polish has made me want to try it.  It's more complex than gunmetal, I think. I liken it to tv static...just before the girl from The Ring crawls through my screen.

(Jackie Oh!; Revvvolution and Ultra Violet)

See you guys soon - I hope!

Upcoming: Fabuloustreet/Nfu Oh haul; some oldies but goodies (courtesy of the folks at China Glaze) and new nail art. :)

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kittytokaren said...

i love OPI minis!! Plus good choice with the GN1!!

Adrienne said...

everything looks fab!! Great haul :) Unlike kittytokaren though, i LOATHE OPI minis for their mini brushes :(, maybe you'll have better luck with them than me

mKat said...

@Kitty... I remember that you mentioned how attached you are to your phone. I can definitely understand now. It's an entirely different experience that what I'm accustomed to. (I know that sounds ridiculous... but it's true. My phone syncs with EVERYTHING...even things I didn't want to sync with (but have since dealt with)... It's such a wonderful organizer. I have nothing but good things to say about the Android OS, too.) :)

@Adrienne... haha yeah, we'll see. I may end up picking up an OPI (at full price, no less) just to see if I truly understand why everyone raves about that brush. I have no illusions about loving the mini brushes though. I tried ColorClub minis (which inspired me to buy some full ones) and HATED that brush.

Still... with the amount of polish I buy (and I'm sure some of you feel the same way) I like the option of buying smaller bottles. Lord knows I'll never finish them all. Right now I'm looking at a new CC and a previously purchased ChG that looks EXACTLY like "What's With The Cattitude" in the bottle. Who's really going to know once I slap it on my nails? :)

Lolitadewdrop said...

Wow you have so much! Well you have lots of material to use and start swatching. :)

Audrey said...

Great haul mKat!! I love the mini's for pedi's only - so I collect all mini's for that main reason. Love those blues. Some day you're green will come! :-)

mKat said...

I think I am going to have to post some comparison swatches... (not something I've ever done) because I am starting to notice some definite overlaps in my color choices!

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