Thursday, May 20, 2010

Some previously unposted NOTDs that could be classified under gold: OPI DS Glow, Lippmann Nefertiti, and LA Girl Antique Gold

Three different types of gold at three different types of prices! Proof that awesomeness comes at any price. Also proof of the insufficiency of broad color labels.

Let's do the cheapest first.

LA Girl Metal Antique Gold

I haven't seen too many swatches of the new LA Girl Metal nail polishes yet. So far, what I've seen, I've liked. A great way to spend three bucks, imo. :) This is called "Antique Gold" but I think of it more as a shimmering moss green with gold highlights. Up close, it looks like very densely packed thick shimmer. Really gorgeous when the sun hits it: it just bursts with golden light. Three coats.

Lippmann Nefertiti

Got this one for an absolute steal (somewhere in the range of $10, though it usually retails for $16) on eBay. SO glad I did. This is one is AMAZING. It's a very pale gold that looks like it's just shiny, shimmering gold goodness on the nail but when you look close, it's actually made up of gold and silver (and some bronze) shimmer. Definitely one of my favorite pale golds so far. Three coats.

Close up of Nefertiti


Okay, this is more of a copper than a gold and DS polishes sometimes cost more than what I paid for for my eBay'd Lippmann. This is still a stunning color though and I'm glad I got it. I didn't know how it would play with my skin since warm golds (and anything resembling orange) tend to just clash with me but this one was truly lovely. It's not the most flattering color for me but the aptly named Glow that seems to be made up of very dense copper and gold microglitter that really stands out. Looks like textured foil on my nails. Also three coats.

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Saori said...

L A metal nail is awesome, I love it a lot !! Color is particular I find ^^

Aurora's Nails said...

I love that Lippman! All of these are great polishes, thanks for the pics!

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